How to create a moving plan like a pro

Stress-free relocation takes skills and experience most people didn’t have the opportunity to acquire. That does not mean that you can’t organize your move as a real professional would. Being one of the best movers Hong Kong residents can rely on, we can give you some pointers to achieve that. The first step to moving like a pro is to create a moving plan. Then all you have to do is follow it through step by step.

wooden blocks spelling PLAN
Create a moving plan for an easier relocation experience

What to consider when you create a moving plan for Hong Kong?

One of the important things to think about is how far are you moving. Depending on whether you are intending a local move or an international one, different tasks could be placed on your moving to Hong Kong checklist. If you are coming from a different country you will need to do things that otherwise wouldn’t be in your moving plan. Including contacting the embassy and an immigration professional. They will help you get all the papers you need for moving abroad. What documentation you’ll have to acquire will partially depend on what sort of VISA you are applying for. Documents that you will probably need are:

  • Birth certificate
  • School records
  • Drivers license
  • Marriage certificate (and, or Divorce papers)
  • Medical and Dental records

Moving with pets

When moving to a different country, especially if it is on a different continent, you will likely need to get some vaccines. Immunization might not be always obligatory, but it is still advisable. And if you are relocating with a pet such as a cat or a dog they might have to get some shots as well. So, when you begin to create a moving plan, make sure that a trip to a vet is on it. You might also want to research what pet movers Hong Kong can provide you with. It is of great importance to get a professional to handle your pets. If they are not being transported in a humane manner they could be confiscated.  

Cat in a box, helping you to create a moving plan
Don’t forget to prepare your pet

Take care of housing 

It is safest to try and find appropriate living accommodations before you move. This won’t be easy to do from afar. Still, it is better to take care of it in advance. When moving to Hong Kong it might be hard to find a loft of a size that you are used to. The flats in HK tend to be small. So, making a selection of your belongings that are and aren’t going with you should also find their place on your moving plan. If you bring with you more stuff than can fit into your new apartment, consider using the storage Hong Kong movers can offer you. But we suggest you travel lightly.

ReloSmart mover packing the boxes
Hiring professional packers should be part of your moving plan

Find templates on the internet to create a moving plan 

Writing everything by hand will increase the chance that you forget something. The quick and easy solution is to find an example of a moving checklist on the internet and adjust it to fit your situation. To create a moving plan, take a pre-made template and alter it according to your needs. That way you will have a better idea of what tasks you need to do and what time frame you need to do them in. 

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