How to deal with rude and unprofessional movers

Just like any other thing in life, moving house can sometimes get out of control. As much as you are waiting for the moving day to come, you cannot stop thinking about possible negative situations. One of the worst things to happen during a move is to have unprofessional movers. You would be surprised how much bad movers can ruin anything you wished to go well. Many movers build a bad reputation in the moving industry. Do you know how to recognize them? ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong will gladly help you successfully deal with rude and unprofessional movers. Read this article to learn how to avoid bad movers, recognize scams, and report unprofessional moving companies. Being a well-informed person means a lot for your future moves as well.

Your mover has a bad online reputation

The first thing, you do when you look for a mover is to check the company’s official website. This can help you know a lot about your mover, even if you do a domestic move. Always look at the company’s reviews and customers’ testimonials. Moreover, you can find the rating that your company has compared to other moving companies. Good and reliable movers will always keep their online records clean and impeccable. Moreover, they should always strive to resolve complaints and negative feedback quickly and efficiently. If you find a mover with bad reviews, don’t hesitate to proceed, as bad reviews mostly mean that the company is unprofessional. Although this is not always the best way to spot a bad mover, it is the first step in the process.

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You can deal with rude and unprofessional movers easier if you read online reviews and customers’ experiences

Deal with rude and unprofessional movers by checking their licenses and documents

All moving companies must have a proper license and documents that make them reliable companies. In case your movers reject to show or issue their documents, you can assume they are not professional. Some of them will go even further and show fake licenses, which is unacceptable. You can deal with them in two ways- by politely refusing to sign a contract with them and not going into many details. Second, you can take legal action against them. Even though this may be stressful and time-consuming, this is maybe the only way to put a stop to unprofessional and fraudulent moving companies. Always choose reliable international movers Hong Kong recommends for long-distance moves and equally trustworthy movers for local ones. You are not obliged to accept any conditions in case the company seems suspicious in any way.

Your mover refuses to calculate your moving costs

You want to know how much your relocation will cost, but your mover doesn’t want to give precise information about this. This is highly rude and unprofessional because everyone has the right to know the exact cost of the move. Moreover, your moving company is obliged to provide a moving estimate and include all the costs and fees before you sign the contract. Long-distance moves, such as moving to Hong Kong from UK can be very expensive, and you should know how much money you can spend. If your mover does not do a detailed in-house inspection or they want to give you the estimate over the phone or Internet, don’t accept this. It is highly unprofessional and immature to provide such information this way. Therefore, you have the right to request a detailed report regarding your moving costs and talk to the company’s representative or the owner, if necessary.

A person sitting in front of her laptop and reading how to deal with rude and unprofessional movers
Your mover should calculate all the costs of your relocation. Not providing this information discriminates the company and makes it unprofessional

You don’t get the right moving insurance

This can be a big problem, as it may happen that some items are damaged or broken during the move. When you hire a moving company, you pay for the proper insurance that will cover these costs. If your company gets the money but doesn’t provide the insurance document, you are dealing with a rude mover. What you can do is politely ask for the paper, and if that doesn’t work, you can simply try to find a new company. Before you start discussing with your potential movers, equip with all the knowledge you can get. For your information, there are two types of insurance you can get from your company:

  • Released-value protection: this type of insurance is free, but the protection is minimal. It means that if anything gets broken, your company will cover only a small amount of money for it.
  • Full value protection: this type of insurance is more expensive, but it’s worth it. Should something bad happen during the process of relocation, you will get a full refund from your company.

As shown above, your mover is obliged to offer any of these types of insurance. In case this doesn’t happen, simply move on and find more reliable companies.

Movers are rude and unfriendly

Everyone can have a bad day sometimes, but movers should be trained to make a relaxing atmosphere. We all know that moving can make our emotions high. However, if your mover is unfriendly, fails to answer some important questions, or is not careful about your items, you can immediately call customer service. You don’t have to put up with a bad mover, or even worse, with a whole team of grumpy movers. Their job is to handle the situation in the best possible way. If the movers are not careful enough, you can expect a late delivery, damaged or broken items, and a delayed moving process. Moreover, having a complete stranger in your house will certainly affect your children and pets. Moving is already hard enough, so we don’t need rude movers to make it worse.

An Asian woman working and kids running around
Unfriendly movers will not make your moving easier. You will be under a lot of pressure to cope with everything

Final words

Sometimes things go wrong in life, so it can happen during the process of relocation too. Although it happens rarely, you can encounter bad movers at times. Learning how to deal with rude and unprofessional movers is very important. Checking the company’s license and online rating is the first thing you should do. Moreover, getting proper moving insurance and an estimate of your costs is what every good company should cover. Finally, dealing with unfriendly movers is really not your job, so don’t hesitate to contact the company’s representative. Following these tips will help you recognize unprofessional moving companies that you should stay away from. Choose the mover that will be your partner and turn your relocation into an enjoyable experience.

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