How to decorate your new home on a budget

Every once in a while, you might want to change something about your house. This is especially common when you move to a new house. Before your international moving company delivers all of your items, you can use this opportunity to decorate your new house. However, moving internationally is quite expensive. You probably spent your entire budget to pay for your moving expenses. For this reason, you cannot invest a large amount of money in decorations. Still, there is a way to decorate your new home on a budget. Here are all the important tips and tricks on how to do it. 

Plan properly when you want to decorate your new home on a budget 

First of all, you need to plan and prioritize when decorating your new house. Why is this important? It is hard to decorate or renovate your new house after relocation and after you paid for car shipping HK and other moving -related tasks. Moving internationally is even more expensive than your usual local relocation. For this reason, your moving budget might be quite small by now. Making a list of priorities is a must in this case. See if you want to replace some of your old furniture. Maybe you should repaint walls if they are in bad condition, and so on. Therefore, see where you want to invest the rest of your budget since it is unlikely that you will have money for both. Remember that you can always completely renovate and decorate your new place the way you imagined later on. Just start with the most necessary tasks. 

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Make a plan before decorating your place

Repainting the walls 

The first big change that is actually quite affordable would be to repaint your walls. For example, you are moving to Canada from Hong Kong. You have found a pretty place for yourself. Finally, after months of waiting, you come to your new place. However, the color of the walls is quite disappointing. Sometimes, repainting the walls would bring life and brightness to your new home. For this reason, you should repaint your walls. First, you should see whether you can repaint the walls. If you’re renting the place, you need to ask for permission. If you have bought the place, then you can just do it without any problems. Then, you need to decide on the color. You should probably go with some neutral colors, such as white, beige, and other light colors. These colors would make your place seem bigger and brighter. 

Decorate your new home on a budget by reusing your items 

Since you are on a tight budget, chances are you cannot buy new items at the moment. For this reason, you should repurpose what you already have in your house. Renting an apartment in Hong Kong is quite expensive. Since you need to give a large amount of money only for the rent, buying new items is probably not an option. Therefore, when your movers deliver your items, you should unpack slowly and try to find a good place for every item. Maybe you forgot about some items and you can find a new purpose for them in your house. The same applies if you reorganize your items. Maybe some items will fit well in the combination with others. In addition to this, you can also make small changes to your items. It is a good way to de-stress after your relocation. 

white couch
See if you can reuse or find a new purpose for your old items

Buy cheaper items 

It is always better to buy quality items. However, this might be hard to do right after moving. Your budget might not allow it at the moment. For this reason, you should start with cheaper items and then you can replace them later with something more expensive. This is especially useful when you are decorating your new place. For example, you decided to sell your couch to lower your moving expenses. You need to buy a new one so you will have somewhere to sit and entertain your guests. This means shopping for a new couch. You can visit budget-friendly stores like IKEA, for example. This store has some pretty but affordable pieces of furniture that will serve their purpose for the first couple of months. You can replace furniture later when you settle in and gather money again. 

Decorate your new place by shopping antiques and estate sales 

If IKEA is not a place for you, then, you can visit some antique shops and estate sales. This is where you can find the best deals. You can end up with art pieces, frames, vases, figurines for a quite affordable price. In addition to this, mirrors are really important when decorating your house. They will make any room appear bigger and brighter. So, if you visit these two places, you can find some interesting mirrors that will add to the overall atmosphere of the room. Also, mirrors are great for adding a character to your room. However, it can be quite overwhelming to go without any solid plan. Remember the first tip, have a plan and list of priorities. This way, you will not get lost in all the pretty items, but rather focus on the ones that you need. 

blue couch
Try to find interesting pieces of furniture

Bonus tips 

When you need to decorate your new home on a budget, here are more tips to use. 

  • Use colors – you should choose a couple of pieces in one color to serve as a centerpiece.  
  • Have plants – plants and flowers are always the best choice. Not only do they have a lot of health benefits, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Wall art – you should get creative and make some interesting wall art. This is also a good way to reduce stress after moving. Invite some friends over, get art supplies, and get creative. 
  • Change old light fixtures – pretty easy to change and your house will look much better. 

As you can see, here are all the tips you can use to spice your place after relocation. It is not expensive but it will make a huge change. 

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