How to feel safe in your new home after moving to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a big city. We all know that. But, does that mean that this place is not safe? No matter what statistics show, you are the one that is the most responsible for your own safety. It is crucial for you to protect yourself and to feel safe in your new home after moving.  There are different ways on how to do this. So, when moving to Hong Kong, be sure to find out how to protect yourself and feel safe once you are done with your move!

You should feel safe in your new home after moving to Hong Kong

There is no point in living somewhere you do not feel safe. Your home is the core of your peace and it should stay like this. But, how to achieve safety in your own home in Hong Kong after moving?

  • Install a good alarm system
  • Replace the door lock
  • Get a dog

Install a good alarm system

It is one thing to make yourself at home in Hong Kong but another to actually feel comfortable in your own home. One of the best ways to feel secure in your home after relocating to Hong Kong is to install a good and reliable alarm system. You do not have to live in a big house in order to have this. There are perfectly suitable apartment alarms that will do just as good of a job.

an alarm - feel safe in your new home after moving
Install an alarm system and protect yourself

Replace the door lock and feel secure after relocating

Living in Hong Kong usually means that you will live in an apartment, and it makes this job much easier. There are special doors made exclusively to keep burglars away and not even to attempt a break-in. They are much thicker and are usually equipped with special locks that are no match for anyone. So, as soon as your movers HK leave your home, be sure to change the locks to feel comfortable in your own Hong Kong home.

a door lock
Changing the door is a good way to feel safe in your own home

Get a dog

People that live alone usually feel more secure if they have a pet on their side. Of course, if you really want to feel safe, you should definitely get a dog. We all know breeds of dogs that are good for securing a home so we should not talk too much about it. On the other hand, if you are already moving with pets, it will be much easier because you do not have to spend time looking for one.

Should you do all of these changes before your shipped items arrive?

Many people have this dilemma when moving. The arrival date of the items usually depends, especially when shipping furniture. No matter how good the company is, shipping furniture to Hong Kong can take a while sometimes. But, it does not matter when it happens. All of these changes can be done anytime and we advise you handle them soon after moving. The longer you postpone, the harder it becomes to do them.


It is possible to feel safe in your new home after moving to Hong Kong, even if you are moving on short notice. Tips on this list should be enough for you to achieve this goal. Do them as soon as you settle and you should feel secure!

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