How to file a moving insurance claim?

Moving is always difficult. There are so many things to do and not enough time. You can make sure to protect your items well. However, the safety of your items depends on your moving company. For this reason, it is really important to hire only reliable movers. You can search for a local moving company Hong Kong on the internet. Even if you find reliable movers, something unfavorable can always happen. You can never predict road and weather conditions. In addition to this, your moving company can make mistakes as well. It is important to know what to do in this case. Therefore, here is how you should file a moving insurance claim. 

File a moving insurance claim by preparing well 

It might sound strange, but you should prepare to file moving insurance even before you move. What does it mean? You should take an inventory when you are shipping furniture to Hong Kong. First of all, inspect your furniture. You have to clean the furniture before packing. Leaving dust and other debris will damage your items. When you are cleaning your pieces of furniture, make sure to inspect them. This is important since you cannot claim insurance for scratches and dents that already exist. In order to avoid this uncomfortable situation, take photos of your furniture and other items. These photos will also act as proof when you need to claim insurance. Usually, reliable moving companies bill pay you for any damage but only if it is caused by their mistake. Therefore, you need to prove that your furniture was not damaged before relocation. 

two chairs
You should inspect your pieces of furniture before the move

After the delivery 

When ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong deliver your items, it is extremely important to inspect again every piece of your household. You have to make sure that your items are in perfect condition. If not then, it is time to file a moving insurance claim. How to inspect your items? First of all, you have to count if all of your boxes have arrived. Sometimes, a box can be misplaced or even lost during transport. Then, what you start unpacking your boxes, make sure to check every single item. If you notice some scratches or dents that have not been there before, make sure to take a photo. You can compare before and after photos to see if damage truly occurred or not. Put that item aside so you can contact your moving company about this issue. 

File a moving insurance claim by checking your documents 

You already should know this, however, let’s repeat it again. Do not sign anything, including your moving contract, without reading everything carefully first. If you find something in your moving contract that you cannot understand or it needs further explanation, do not hesitate to ask your movers about it. Make sure that your moving contract is filled with all the necessary information. Do not sign any moving contract that is half-filled. In addition to this, pay close attention to the section where it explains what you should do in case your items have either gone missing or got damaged. You should also receive a copy of your moving contract. Once you notice something is wrong with your items, you should consult your moving contract. There you should find detailed guidelines on how you can file an insurance claim. 

person signing a document
Make sure to read your contract carefully before signing it

Keep all the necessary documentation in one binder 

Even more information regarding your documents since there are extremely important in their situation. Make sure to know how to communicate with your movers. When you’re searching for a moving company, you should be able to find all the necessary contact information quite easily. Once you hire your movers, you should ask them how to contact them in case of an emergency. In addition to this, you should keep all records of communication that you had with your moving company. This includes the following. 

  • Your copy of your moving contract 
  • Bill of lading 
  • Receipt 
  • Bills 
  • Estimate 
  • Insurance 

These would be some of the examples of the documents you should have before your move. In addition to this, if you have received anything else from your moving company, make sure to keep it as well. 

File a moving insurance claim – notify your company about your actions 

You have to inform your moving company that you’re filing a moving insurance claim. This is important for several reasons. First, show that you’re a good person. Every moving company should know in advance that someone is filing an insurance claim against them. Then, it is also important to let your moving company know that someone from their team made a mistake. Every moving company has its own set of policies regarding mistakes from their employees. Additionally, some moving companies will require physical evidence of the damage while others may accept only pictures. This is why it is important to inform your moving company so you should know what steps you have to take in order to claim insurance. You might also need to write a letter to claim insurance. You might need to use a special one or find a general letter on the Internet. 

person calling to file a moving insurance claim
Inform your moving company about your intentions

Mistakes that can hinder your claim 

When you inform a company about your intentions, it is time to file the claim. Make sure to follow all the guidelines carefully in order to get compensation. Usually, a moving company has 30 days to respond and another three months to reimburse the damage. However, this time frame depends on the country and its regulations. If they fail to pay for the damage, you can always sue them. In the meantime, here are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid doing when you need to claim insurance. 

  • Failing to inform movers in a designated time 
  • Poor packing skills 
  • Forgetting to inform your movers about extremely expensive items 
  • Declaring that your items are less valuable.

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