How to find Apartments to Rent in Hong Kong

Apartments to rent in Hong Kong, lately, have raised a lot of interest. What’s so amazing about Hong Kong? Rich history, exciting nightlife, an exotic spirit of life in Asia and modern technology, are irresistible things about Hong Kong, which represents a place where East and West are merging. As Hong Kong was once a part of the British Empire, you can see Chinese and West culture in the same place. Becoming an economic giant and, on the other hand, cultivating Chinese culture and spirit, Hong Kong is a friendly and welcoming home for everyone.  

But besides all the beautiful things we’ve mentioned above, not everyone can afford to live in this city. If you’re looking for apartments to rent in Hong Kong, you may realize that is very costly for a lot of people. To show you how much Hong Kong is expensive, we’re just going to tell you that city is the 3rd most expensive city in Asia for renting apartments, right after Seoul and Tokyo. If you’re an expat you need to know that imported food, transportation, and schooling is also very expensive.  

A bus in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is a city full of beauty and wonders.

Considering these facts renting an apartment in Hong Kong may look impossible to you, but we’ll show you some tips on how to find apartments to rent in Hong Kong. Choosing the right district, type of housing and sharing rent with a roommate are things that can help you for living in this amazing place! 

Choose your type of housing

If you’re about to find apartments to rent in Hong Kong, think about the type of housing first. First of all, you need to know that one of the biggest complaints about Hong Kong renting is that apartments are often too small. They can run really small, and while this may be frustrating to you, for Hong Kong residents it is a normal thing. As this city is among the most expensive places for renting, you may pay a fortune to live in an apartment with the size of your old room! So, forget about regular flats in the USA, and start choosing the right type of housing. Most common types of apartments are Chinese-style apartments, new apartments, residential complex, mansions, as well as many others. When it comes to common things, injuries during moving happen quite often. Make sure to learn how to avoid moving injuries!

Consider Chinese style apartments:

If you’re willing to try an apartment in a Chinese style, consider most of them are built in the 1960s and usually are located  along the harbor side of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. They often don’t have elevator and resident’s facilities. Renting apartments in old towers can go up to 1500 feet! If you are afraid of heights, don’t consider this.

But if you like it, these buildings usually have a swimming pool, gym or clubhouses and renting is about HK$25,000/month. New apartments blocks are made in the 1990s and they’re like standard housing. But many of them still look luxurious with swimming pools, tennis courts, and modern bathrooms. They stand for 50-story-high buildings with shopping malls, banks, restaurants and parking lots. If you’re interested, you can also found penthouses and mansions in Hong Kong. They usually start with the rent at HK$250,000 and are often unaffordable for many people. Usually, native Chinese locals own them. See now why apartments to rent in Hong Kong may be costly and difficult?

Find the area that fits your budget

Hong Kong is a city with many areas and districts. Before deciding to find apartments to rent in Hong Kong, inform yourself about all areas in this metropolis. Not every area fits your budget. So let’s see some of them. But before you can seek apartments you need to make moving to Hong Kong checklist as this can be a major life-changing event. You want it all available on paper at any time.

Basically, you have 3 big parts with its small parts: New Territories, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island. Hong Kong is divided into 18 districts. The center and heart of Hong Kong are Hong Kong Island. It’s the historical and economic center, and most pictures with skylines and high buildings with corporation marks on them, are taken in this part of the city. Renting apartments in this part of the city is usually so high that it’s barely impossible unless you’re a millionaire.  

A living room.
Finding a proper place to settle in Hong Kong takes patience!

You should think about living in Kowloon or New Territories. Prices are more affordable there, and you will find better accommodation. (large size of apartments). Kowloon is cheaper than HK Island and you can feel more Asian lifestyle. Despite high renting prices, public transportation is usually very cheap so don’t worry about going to HK Island to work. It’s very affordable. If you’re looking for a more rural place in Hong Kong, go to New Territories. The prices of renting there are more affordable and you can even own a vehicle! 

Sharing apartments to rent in Hong Kong is popular! 

You’re like to live alone? Well, sorry, but sharing apartments in Hong Kong is very popular. They are not even so popular at times, but the prices of renting are so high that you do not have another choice. Sharing apartments in Hong Kong is recommended by many advertisers and websites about Hong Kong. Moreover, with a roommate, you can easily cope with stress, and maybe share some tips to cope with moving stress. Prices can be a big problem, but sometimes the size of apartments too, especially when it comes to sharing. Because of the small sizes, sharing is usually not popular outside of families and friends. Just don’t think about asking your employees to live in a small apartment in Hong Kong. That can be a nightmare. 

Online searching & smartphone applications are must when it comes to apartments to rent in Hong Kong

A man working on a laptop.
Finding apartments to rent in Hong Kong today is almost impossible without mobile applications.

Hong Kong, just like China, is a place of modern technology. Modern technology, Artificial Intelligence, and smart buildings are EVERYWHERE! You can order or buy everything via smartphone applications. So basically, it’s almost impossible to deal with renting an apartment without smartphone applications and the Internet. Just type Apartments to Rent in Hong Kong, and you’ll see a wide range of websites, applications, and ads. And a small hint. In this age of smartphones, they can be quite useful when it comes to finding the best moving rates.  Most expats live in areas as Happy Valley, Mid-Levels and Discovery Bay so you may want to search there first! Good luck! 

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