How to find reusable packing supplies

During a move, you want to save every penny. One of the best ways to do that is to use reusable packing supplies. When packing and moving, many people waste money on supplies that they will use only once. Instead of throwing your money down the drain, we will show you ways to save it. You can use these supplies even if you have just moved. As the name suggests, they can be used more than once. On the other hand, you can even use some of the things you already have in your home. Follow our guide and you are sure to find some interesting ways of packing up your house.

The benefits of reusable packing supplies

In recent times, people have been trying to lessen their impact on the environment. One of the biggest benefits of reusable packing supplies is that they reduce the amount of waste we create. The fewer supplies you buy, the less trash you will have after each move. When you use packing supplies that are more durable, you are able to make use of them more than once. Moreover, using these supplies will save you significant amounts of money. Since you can reuse old supplies, you don’t have to spend that money all over again on new ones. While these supplies might be more expensive, they are an investment for the future.

Reusable packing supplies are an investment that will save you money.
Spend the money on a fun activity for your family instead.

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Packing supplies you can reuse after the move

With the popularity of durable packing supplies, it’s no surprise that there are so many to choose from. The only thing you need to worry about is finding the ones that suit your needs and your items. We will tell you about the most popular ones and how you can use them again.

Cardboard boxes

Many people believe that cardboard boxes cannot be reused after the move. This is not necessarily true. If you use boxes made from low-quality cardboard, they will likely break or damage during the move. Also, if you are moving in bad weather, the rain might destroy them. On the other hand, if you use high quality moving boxes Hong Kong, you don’t have to worry. These boxes are made from durable materials, so you will be able to use them for your next move as well.

You won't be able to reuse boxes made from thin cardboard.
Look for sturdy moving boxes when you are buying supplies.

When moving, people will look for free moving boxes around their neighborhood. While you are sure to find some at your local supermarket or liquor store, don’t rely too heavily on them. Since these boxes have already been used, they are more likely to break. Also, these boxes are not meant for multiple uses and are made from thinner cardboard. The best way to ensure your items are safe is to buy reusable moving boxes, so you will know exactly how strong they are. Finally, remember to label all of your boxes before you load them onto the truck. Write legibly so that you don’t have to open each box on your first day in your new home.

Plastic bins

For more sensitive items such as electronics or smaller appliances, plastic bins are a great choice. These bins are waterproof and will keep your belongings dry during the move. Also, they can hold more weight than most medium-sized cardboard boxes. Furthermore, you can reuse these boxes in your home after the move, which we will talk about more later on. When you are packing your items in plastic bins, you can place non-transparent tape and write what is inside. That way, you can simply peel off the tape and use them for another purpose.

Garbage bags are excellent reusable packing supplies

Another example of great reusable packing supplies are garbage bags. You can use them to pack all sorts of materials, such as clothes, linens, towels, rags, etc. The main reason is that these bags are waterproof and will keep moisture and mildew away from your items. Secondly, if you buy larger bags made of thicker plastic, you can reuse them multiple times. Finally, it is always a good idea to have garbage bags around when you pack your home. You will likely have a lot of trash, so keep them handy to avoid making many trips to the garbage can.

Use the things you have in your home

Aside from buying reusable moving supplies, you can use some of the things already in your house. For example, if you have any old newspapers or magazines around, you can use them to wrap some of the fragile items. Moreover, when you pack a box, you want to make sure that the things inside don’t move during transport. If they do, it might cause them to break or scratch. To prevent this, you can fill empty spaces in the box with crumpled newspapers.

Stacks of newspapers will only clutter your home.
Get rid of old newspapers by using them for your move.

Other things to look for in your home are old rags, towels, linens, or even clothes. Instead of using moving blankets, you can use these rags to wrap up your items. This will save you time and money on buying packing paper and plastic sheets, and it is a great eco-friendly storage and packing solution as well. However, keep in mind that sometimes they are worth the investment. For example, if you have any leather furniture, you should cover it up with a plastic sheet before loading it on the moving truck.

Ways to repurpose reusable packing supplies

All of these reusable packing supplies can be used in your home even after the move. Durable cardboard boxes are excellent for storing items such as seasonal decorations or clothes in your garage. Plastic bins and containers can be used to store some of the more delicate items, as well as those that can be affected by mold and mildew. You can even place these boxes and bins in a storage unit, where they will wait to be used on your next move. Whichever way you choose to repurpose these supplies, you will know that you are doing something good for the environment, as well as for your wallet.


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