How to find the best moving rates

Are you planning to move soon? If you are, you are probably in search of a reliable and trustworthy moving company. Why? Because no matter if you are relocating a few blocks away from the current address or to a different part of the world, you need help. Of course, sometimes you can use the help of your friends and family, depending on the distance and size of the move. However, if you are moving from China to a different continent, you should really hire a dependable international moving company if you want to have a chance for a stress-free relocation. Nevertheless, in order to have the best possible moving experience and service, you should learn how to find the best moving rates and we are here to help.

What is the first step to finding the best moving rates?

You can’t just sit back, relax, and wait for the best opportunities to fall to your lap. In order to find the best moving rates, you need to do thorough research and discover the best solutions. But, before you start checking out international or domestic moving companies, you should first figure out what is it that you need. Is it only transport? Do you want movers to pack and unpack your belongings? Are you in the need for storage spaces? Do you have any special items that are very valuable? Those are all the questions to ask yourself before you start asking questions about different moving companies.

best moving rates - Hong Kong at night
You need reliable Hong Kong movers with best moving rates

Once you determine your own needs, you should start searching for the perfect solution and the best moving rates. This research should contain multiple levels. You can follow these steps:

  • talk to your friends, family, and coworkers, ask them about recommendations and experiences,
  • go online and look for the best moving companies,
  • read the reviews,
  • get at least three moving estimates from different companies,
  • think of how you could reduce the expenses.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family

If someone from your surroundings has had to move recently, they probably already know what is the situation on the market. That could be a good starting point. They could tell you what to pay attention to when it comes to relocation to Hong Kong . And they will certainly tell you if they had some good experience with moving companies. Not to mention the bad ones. Also, you will hear about the prices and additional costs, so you will be closer to finding the best moving rates.

Look for the best moving companies online

This is your time to play detectives and find out whatever you can about moving companies. Investigate their services. It wouldn’t matter if they were the best company in the world if you need to bring your pet to Hong Kong and they don’t provide that service.

woman and a laptop
Research for the best moving companies

Make sure that all companies, that you are interested in, are licensed and registered. That is the only way you stand a chance to get reliable movers. Compare the prices with services different companies provide. And don’t fall for the lowest prices. They usually add up so many additional costs, that you pay significantly more than you thought you would.

Read the reviews

Once you find several companies that offer what you need, you shouldn’t stop investigating. You should make sure to read the reviews about the companies and their services and staff. And don’t finish by reading them on their website. Find what you can about the companies on forums and social media such as Yelp and others. That way, you will get to see if anyone has had unpleasant experiences with the companies you are interested in.

Get at least three moving estimates

If you want to get the best moving rates, you must have the best offers. However, we don’t recommend having less than at least three moving estimates. And not just any kind. You need an in-person investigation of your rooms and belongings by the moving company. That is the only way for them to properly evaluate the amount of stuff for moving and prices, of course. After you get the three estimates from the companies that you like and that offer exactly what you need, you can compare the services and quotes. And your decision will be much easier.

Think of how you could reduce the expenses

In order to get the best moving rates, you have to make some effort beside researching. When you make up your mind and decide to call a certain moving company, you have more options. You can say yes to whatever their price is. Or you can negotiate with them. Also, you can find out if there are certain periods of the year or the week that companies offer discounts. Many companies have different moving rates in the peak of the season and out of it. Why not use that difference to your advantage if you are in the opportunity to choose?

man and a woman shaking hands
Try to negotiate better terms and rates with the moving company

If you can’t wait for the season to pass, or you are in a hurry and you need last minute relocation, then what? One more thing you could do is reduce the number of services that you will be needing. If you are on tight budget, maybe you can pack on your own instead of hiring packing services. In the case you are in the need for storage spaces, maybe you will be good with the regular one, instead of the temperature-controlled.

And let’s not forget the final way of getting the best moving rates. We can apply the first rule of moving – the fewer things you have, the less will relocation cost you. So do whatever you can to decrease the amount of stuff that you need to relocate, and your moving costs will certainly be much smaller.


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