How to get your security deposit back when moving out

Moving out of a place is always a complicated time. There are a lot of things that need to be done and a lot of expenses.  Especially if you also are utilizing storage Hong Kong. You will need to arrange for a lot of things to be brought to be packed, loaded, and shipped, among other things. And for this, you’ll need all the money that you can get. That is why you will want to get your security deposit back when moving out. If not to use for your next apartment, then put it towards your relocation budget. Usually, you should not have any problems when doing so but there are some things you can do to ease this process. Here is how to ensure that you get your full security deposit back and avoid any conflict along the way.

How to get your security deposit back when moving out without getting into conflict with your landlord

A lot of people are hesitant to ask for their security deposit back. It’s perfectly natural that you are uneasy about this. But what you need to understand is that the security deposit is just that, a deposit. It’s your money that is held by the landlord in case you don’t pay your rent or cause damage to the apartment. Yes, sometimes you won’t be able to get the full amount back, but in most cases, if you’ve been a decent tenant, getting it back won’t be a problem. That money will go a long way when you need to pay for international movers Hong Kong or prepare for your move. So, generally here’s how you would do it:

  1. Notify your landlord that you will be moving out on time
  2. Pay your last month’s rent on time
  3. Make small repairs and clean up after yourself, especially if you have a pet
  4. Ask for the security deposit back
woman talking to a landlord as an example of how to get your security deposit back when moving out
Notify your landlord that you will be moving out well in advance

Notify your landlord if you want to get your security deposit back when moving out

The first thing to do is to let your landlord know that you will actually want your deposit back. Sometimes, the landlord will completely forget about this and it may come as a surprise to them. Not notifying them might have an adverse effect on you getting your deposit later than usual. So, before you opt for a moving service Hong Kong, you will want to make sure that your landlord is on the same page with you.

Make sure to notify your landlord at least a week in advance, maybe even more, that you’ll want to get your security deposit back. That’s because some people simply don’t have the time to go to the bank right away. Your landlord might have other plans. So give him or her time to gather the money and return it to you.

Pay your last month’s rent

Also, you will want to pay the last month’s rent on time. This will serve as a show of good faith and will most likely make your landlord more amenable to your request. Depending on the size of the deposit, this might be a fraction of it or the entire amount. Don’t ask for the deposit to cover the last month’s rent as that may make your landlord suspicious. Also, make sure you do that before you hire a moving company, such as Relo Smart Movers Hong Kong, as this will prevent any complications on moving days.

Some landlords might withhold your security deposit because you were late on rent. Refer to your rental agreement, and if there are any problems, show the agreement and explain it to your landlord. There’s no reason to make a big fuss over a simple misunderstanding. So you do your part and your landlord will do his.

Making small repairs is a great way to ensure that you get your security deposit back when moving out

The security deposit serves as a guarantee that the place will be left in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Normally, during ordinary life circumstances, some things may get slightly damaged. You may want to do as many small repairs as possible before you move out. This will serve a double purpose of having your landlord appreciate you as tenants and not giving them any opportunity of holding that deposit back. Your landlord has every right to withhold your money if you’ve damaged the apartment or appliances in it. So make sure you check everything. Taking an hour to do small repairs can go a long way.

plumber doing repairs on a faucet
Want to get your deposit back? Make small repairs before moving out!

Have your landlord inspect the apartment before you move out

A great way to ensure that there are no problems when moving out is to have the landlord visit the place before you leave. Schedule it well in advance. That way, you can go through the entire place with your landlord and he or she can point out everything that needs to be repaired. If you are moving on short notice, make sure you inform your landlord and negotiate with them the amount needed for repairs. Naturally, your landlord will want to ensure that there’s enough money left for all the repairs. It’s your job to reassure them that the damage if there’s any, is not that extensive.

Check your apartment and make sure that everything is in good order

One of the first steps is to go room by room and make sure that all appliances owned by the landlord are in good condition. Likewise, check that there are no leaks. While you’ll be moving to Australia from Hong Kong, your landlord will have to rent your unit to another person. That means that everything that is broken will have to be repaired. So instead of letting your landlord choose the repair company, you can do it yourself, before moving out. You can either make small repairs yourself or hire someone. But in most cases, it will be more affordable than losing your security deposit.

a clean apartment
Make sure you leave a clean apartment after you leave

Cleaning the apartment is essential for getting the deposit back before moving out

Finally, you will want to make sure that the apartment is clean. Again, you want to do this because your landlord can withhold your deposit and hire a cleaning crew with it. While usually, it is not the case, it may happen. Make sure that the apartment is at least in the same state of cleanliness as when you moved in. For best results, clean it a notch further. A happy landlord will not refuse to give the security deposit to you.

This is especially important if you have pets. So as soon as pet movers Hong Kong takes your furry friend to your new home, do a deep clean of the place. That’s because your landlord might mind that there are pet hairs left in the apartment. You’ll want to avoid anything that can make it seem like you’ve lessened the value of the apartment.

Don’t leave anything behind that your landlord hasn’t agreed to

Moving internationally is expensive. So you probably won’t be taking that old couch with you that you don’t even like anymore. To save up on your international relocation you might just leave it behind. After all, someone might need it. But leaving it behind might mean not getting the security deposit back when moving out. That’s because your landlord might need to hire a removal company to take it away. So don’t leave anything behind, especially not large items. If you don’t want them, you can throw them away, sell them or donate them. You can also store them

sofa and two chairs
Leaving behind furniture, even if it’s in good condition, can be problematic for some landlords

Take pictures and video of the apartment before moving out

After you’ve made small repairs and cleaned everything, it’s good advice to take pictures and video of the entire price. You might not be able to get a security deposit back for quite some time due to various procedures. You’ll want to have proof that you’ve done everything you needed to do. You might be moving from Hong Kong to Canada. You can’t go back to argue your case. So photos and videos will be your proof that you’ve been a good tenant.

Having a good relationship with your landlord is the best way to get your security deposit back when moving out

There are many things that you can do to ensure that you get your security deposit back. Likewise, your landlord can do a lot of things to make getting that security deposit back as hard as possible. So to avoid conflicts and to ensure that you get your security deposit back when moving out be on good terms with the landlord. Be polite, pay your rent on time, and give them proper notice when moving out. Those are tiny things that you should be doing anyways, regardless of the security deposit. Be courteous and every landlord will be happy to have you as their tenant. That means getting a security deposit back won’t be a problem.

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