How to have fun after moving to Hong Kong?

The name Hong Kong literally means “fragrant harbor” in Chinese. And while you would probably catch cholera if you tried to swim here, it is still a beautiful harbor. Our ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong believe you shouldn’t miss out on the slow trip across it. That way you get to enjoy the lights at night from the harbor. But there are also swimmable beaches here! They are beautiful and you can easily still swim there even in mid-winter! One of the best ways to have fun after moving to Hong Kong is to go on junk trips with speed boats and wakeboards. They will be out all year round, and you won’t have to bother with a wet suit. These unique-to-Hong Kong flat-bottom boats are very convenient, and days on them are truly magical for all ages. But back to the point. Moving anywhere new can be intimidating, overwhelming but wonderfully exciting. You will soon learn that Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant places on earth due to its high energy, grit, glamour, and a huge personality.

bowl full of a soup dish
Snake soup is a renowned traditional Chinese dish. If you’ve never dared to try this delicacy before, now’s the time!

Get prepared to experience jet lag for a while

The time difference is the thing that will probably impact you the most when you arrive in Hong Kong. For those who are visiting us for the first time, whether on business or pleasure, the young or the young at heart, welcome! This often means hitting the main streets of Lan Kwai Fong until early hours (while it’s still lunchtime in London). Moreover, Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps, and we are not just saying it… The nightspots here have no legally enforced closing time. So let’s dive right in and see how you can have fun after moving to Hong Kong. It’s the best way to overcome all the changes!

Have fun after moving to Hong Kong by playing life-sized billiard at Player 11

Player 11 is the first place in Hong Kong that has a giant pool table attraction! They use bowling ball-sized billiard balls. Have fun after moving to Hong Kong by relying on your whole body to aim and pocket the ball in this game! If you are moving with a family and you have young children, wild nights out won’t be your idea of fun. Lucky for you, Hong Kong has another nickname of the ‘city where you never grow old/up’. Which you can see already by our first choice of entertainment. Additionally, when you ask children what they like so much about Hong Kong, they vote primarily for the sea, the weather and the outdoor things they can do on the water. Most importantly, a lot of Hong Kong’s magic indeed comes from the fact that it is an island surrounded by water.

Explore the abandoned town of Ma Wan

Ma Wan Village is an empty shell of its former self. It is a ghost town, vacated by its inhabitants and forgotten by almost everyone else. You’ll find it between the larger Tsing Yi and Lantau islands on the Ma Wan Channel. Therefore, you should come and visit it after moving from Hong Kong to USA and see the ghost town before it too gets redeveloped.

A horse race is a great way to have fun after moving to Hong Kong
Horse racing has been Hong Kong’s most popular sport since 1842. The atmosphere and the betting here is feverish!

Have fun after moving to Hong Kong at the Cantonese opera shows

Want to have fun after moving to Hong Kong? Why not experience the Chinese Opera? We recommend checking out the schedule of venues that organize regular Chinese opera performances: Ko Shan Theater and New Wing, Yau Ma Tei Theatre, and Sunbeam Theatre.

Have fun after moving to Hong Kong by socializing with the world’s pinkest dolphins

After you settle in Hong Kong, you should go on an exciting dolphin watching cruise in the Pearl River Delta! Not only is it a truly unforgettable experience but it’s also an amazing opportunity to observe these lovely creatures in the wild!

Discover the old fishing village of Tai O

Situated on the Western coast of Lantau Island, Tai O is a uniquely traditional and picturesque village. It’s home to the Tanka people. They are a tribe of old-school fishers who’ve been building their houses on stilts above the tidal plains of Lantau Island for generations.

Go sightseeing at the Dragon‘s Back trail

Have fun after moving to Hong Kong by adventuring into the Dragon’s back trail. It will take you across mountain ridges, secluded forests, and white sand beaches. Enjoy the views of the deep blue South China Sea from the peak. Then have a rest at the white sands of Tai Long Bay where you can swim and surf!

cheese plate, utensils and bowl of noodles
Embark on a culinary adventure after moving to Hong Kong. Try joining a cooking class and discover the secrets of authentic Cantonese cooking!

Get ready for a journey full of wild nature in Hong Kong’s national parks

  • Firstly, Lion Rock Country park includes a wide upland region set between North Kowloon and Shatin. Gear up hit the best hiking trail in Hong Kong and enjoy the most spectacular views of the city!
  • Secondly, Sai Kung Country park occupies a vast area of east Sai Kung Peninsula and High Island. It boasts numerous scenic spots and choices of country trails within the park. It is the perfect space to see the most famous beaches in Hong Kong!
  • Thirdly, Tai Tam Country park spreads over the central and eastern Hong Kong Island. Here you can find magical hiking trails and great green vistas, four reservoirs, dams to explore, and bridges to cross There are even jungles, city and sea views with swimming turtles, WWII fortifications.
  • Next, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park is located in the North of the Sai Kung West Country Park, Marine Parks is home to over 60 species of coral and 120 fish species.
  • Finally, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark covers around 50 sq km of Hong Kong’s northeast coastline. It’s made up of two distinct geological regions. The park has eight named sites that range from islands to volcanic rocks, sea caves, cliffs, and even a tombolo (tidal spit). You cannot miss this mesmerizing nature!

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