How to help grandparents settle in Hong Kong

Do you currently live in Hong Kong? Are your family members going to join you soon including your grandparents? Hong Kong offers high quality of life, many great job opportunities, and it is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. There are many expatriates who are coming to live in Hong Kong every single year. However, it is easier for a younger person to settle in faster. Since your grandparents are also going to live in Hong Kong, they might need more time. For this reason, here are all the ways to help grandparents to settle in Hong Kong. You can start by hiring a relocation company Hong Kong so they can help them with the moving part. 

Help grandparents settle in Hong Kong by finding accommodation 

First, if you are currently living in Hong Kong, then you should be one finding accommodation for your grandparents. It is easier to do it if you already live in the city. You can contact real estate agencies to see what they offer. In addition to this, you can also go and visit apartments to see if your grandparents would like them. Luckily, today, you can do a video call so you can directly show your grandparents the apartment when you are there. This is also a good way to check if all of their items are going to fit in their new apartments before they hire an international moving company Hong Kong. This would help them to see which items they should bring to Hong Kong and which ones should stay behind. As you might know, Hong Kong apartments are smaller than compared to American or Australian ones. 

visit high rise buildings to help grandparents settle in Hong Kong
You should find accommodation for your grandparents

Learning the language 

Since you live in Hong Kong, you know that the city has two official languages. The first one would be Cantonese while the other one is English. If your grandparents’ first language is not Chinese, they do not have to worry. Almost everyone in the city knows English and all the documents are issued in English as well. It is fairly easy to navigate the city if you and your family members only speak English. However, your grandparents can learn some basic Chinese if they are interested. As you might know, learning a new language is beneficial for memory. It will help your grandparents to stay in good mental shape. In addition to this, your grandparents will settle in easier if they have language courses to attend and people to hang out with. You can try finding language courses that cater to seniors. 

Help grandparents settle in Hong Kong by teaching them about transport 

When you are in Hong Kong, it would be a shame just to spend your time closed in four walls. Luckily, Hong Kong has an incredibly efficient transportation network. There are many ways to get around the city and they are not difficult to understand.  

  • The MTR – which includes the entire subway system with eleven rail lines. You can travel all over the city just by using the subway. 
  • Buses – similar to the rail lines, there is a huge number of buses that will take you anywhere you need. Plus, they are also cheap when compared to the subway. 
  • The ferry – while waiting for moving service Hong Kong to deliver your items, your grandparents can visit the nearby island by riding a ferry. 
  • The tram – it is the oldest mean of transportation in the city and the most affordable one. 
  • Taxis – another popular way to get around the city. 
a ship on the water
Your grandparents can use a ferry

How to stay healthy? 

Since your grandparents are moving to Hong Kong, it is important to explore how to stay healthy here. Again, Hong Kong is doing great with its healthcare systems. It has both public and private hospitals that offer high-quality care, professionals, and advanced equipment. As mentioned, almost everyone in hospitals and generally in the healthcare system knows how to speak English so your grandparents can easily seek medical care if necessary.

However, healthcare in Hong Kong is not free. Just on contrary, it is important to have good medical insurance. For this reason, make sure to explore your options before your grandparents come to Hong Kong. See what medical insurance they should have so they can purchase it even before coming to Hong Kong. It is important to stay healthy and monitor one’s health, especially when seniors are concerned.  

Help grandparents settle in Hong Kong by enjoying the city together 

You can never be bored in Hong Kong. It is a dynamic city offering countless interesting places and activities to explore and visit. In addition to this, when you need to settle in one city, the best way to do it would be by exploring it. There is no need to sit in your apartment and do nothing. Since the city has an incredible transportation system, your grandparents will have an easy time visiting all the best and most popular places around the city. Here are some suggestions. 

  • Victoria Peak – a good place to walk and see Hong Kong 
  • Hiking – many seniors love hiking and Hong Kong has numerous hiking trails 
  • Trying local food – your grandparents cannot miss out on some delicious food 
  • Visiting island – they should visit Lamma Island or Cheung Chau first 
  • Local markets – especially Mongkok, Flower Market, Temple Street, etc. 
street market
Help grandparents settle in Hong Kong by exploring the city together

Be there for them 

The best way to help grandparents to settle in Hong Kong would be to be there for them. Since you live in Hong Kong, you know your way around already. So, you can easily show your grandparents the city, how transportation works, recommend good places to visit, and so on. Luckily, Hong Kong is a modern city, fairly easy to navigate, so your grandparents should not have any problems settling in soon enough. Lastly, you can also check out ex-pat groups. It can be a little bit lonely without friends, and ex-pats groups are the best way to meet new people.  

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