How to label moving boxes

Moving day is a big task that requires a lot of you. There’s so much to do that it can quickly become hectic and disorganized. One way to bring some order into it is to label moving boxes. If you do it correctly, it will allow you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for. And you will be able to unpack in no time. You won’t waste precious time wondering where which box goes and what’s inside it. So, here is a guide that will help you to have an organized and quick packing and unpacking process using labeling.

How important is it to label moving boxes?

Labeling moving boxes is one of the most important things that you need to do when packing. A lot of people skip this step thinking that they will remember what is in which box. But more often than not that leads to a complex packing and even more complicated unpacking process. And they end up losing valuable time and energy trying to figure out which box goes where. It is also much easier for your HK moving company to handle your belongings if everything is labeled. If they know what’s inside the boxes they will be able to pay more attention to those fragile items. And they will have a much more organized unloading process. Which will help you unpack easier later on. 

labeled moving boxes
Labeling moving boxes is very important if you want to have an organized relocation

When to label moving boxes?

This might seem like a silly question at first since, obviously, you will be labeling your moving boxes during packing. But the exact timing is also very important. First, it’s important to have everything labeled and ready before your domestic movers arrive. So, make sure you start on time. It might be tempting to pre-label all the boxes and start packing into them. But you run the risk of having to cross over your labels and do it again. You can’t always predict how the packing process will go. So, the best time to label moving boxes is right after you seal them. Take a box, packing everything, seal it and then write its designation. That way you won’t be waiting and time on re-labeling your boxes. And you will be able to write down exactly what’s in the box.

Where to put the label?

Another thing that people often get wrong is the location on the box where the label should be. You should also write down the destination on the top of the box. And write down the content on the top and at least one side. That way, you will be able to save precious time when looking for something.

There are many ways to effectively label boxes

There are a few great ways in which you can effectively label moving boxes. By using any of those systems your labeling will be almost as effective as when hiring packing services Hong Kong. Some methods require only markers while for others you will need labels. Also, some of them will clearly state the contents of moving boxes. While other methods keep the contents private. Which is great if you don’t want everyone knowing what you are carrying. Here are a few of the most popular methods:

  • Color-coded labeling system using permanent markers – It’s great if you want to have a quick and organized packing and unpacking process. And all you need is a set of permanent markers
  • The numbering system for labeling moving boxes – This method is great for keeping the contents private while having an organized relocation
  • Using labels to label moving boxes – If you want to reuse the boxes later, this is the best labeling system for you


colors to label moving boxes
There are many ways to label moving boxes and one of them is by color-coding them

Labeling boxes using a color-coded system

This is a fun and very effective way of labeling your moving boxes. It will allow you to quickly and easily determine the content and destination of each box. For this, you will need a set of quality permanent markers. Then, designate one color for each room. Blue can be the bathroom, red could be the kitchen and so on. Then, while packing use the appropriate colors to label the moving box. You should write down the destination of the box, it’s content and any other relevant information. If you are planning on putting those items in storage HK, make sure you write the list of everything that is in the box. That way you will be able to easily find what you are looking for. It’s also important to write down if the contents are fragile and if the box should be handled with care.

Label moving boxes using numbers

If you are a more private person, then this might be the perfect method for you. Use a notepad or spreadsheet software to make a table. Designate a number to each box and write down the contents and destination into appropriate tables. That way you will be the only one to know what’s inside each box. It’s a good way to prevent theft while still keeping everything organized. Then, using a good quality permanent marker write down the number on the box.

numbers for labeling moving boxes
You can also use numbers for a more private labeling

Label boxes using labels

If you want to keep things neat, using labels is the best way to mark your moving boxes. You can buy moving labels in your local office supply store or print them out by yourself. A quick Google search will provide you with all the templates that you will need. If you have time, you can also design labels all by yourself. But, the process of labeling is much the same as with the previous ones. It’s important to write down the destination and content of each box. By using labels you will be able to reuse the boxes afterward. You can simply peel off the label and the box is as good as new. A good tip is to stick clear tape over the label so it doesn’t peel off on its own.

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