How to make a senior moving checklist

Preparing for a senior move is a delicate job. The priority in senior moving would be safety, comfort, and without stress. You can achieve this if you hire services from ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. It’s not good for an elderly person to try packing items, especially huge items like furniture. For this reason, you should hire professional movers in this case. To make your relocation easier, here is a checklist for senior relocation.  

What should the senior moving checklist contain?  

Preparing for a senior move is not completely the same as preparing for a family or student move. Senior relocation is more delicate to prepare and there are some additional things you must take care of. For example, moving furniture by yourself as a senior person is not a good idea. There are services for shipping furniture to Hong Kong that you can use. Additionally, the senior relocation checklist should contain the following.

  • Check accessibility of a new home  
  • Organize belongings  
  • Find reliable movers  
  • Visit doctor  
  • Get and pack your pills  
  • Forward the mail  

It’s important to first check the accessibility of a new home   

Most elderly people have some sort of medical problems and use either cane or even a wheelchair. For this reason, if a new home has too many stairs without an elevator or wheelchair ramp, it could be a problem. Also, if your parents or yourself don’t have any current issues, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Mobility problems are one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move by yourself if you are an elderly person. If you don’t want to hire professional movers, at least ask for help from your children.  

woman with two kids
See if the house is accessible enough for seniors

How to organize your belongings for a senior relocation?  

Organizing belongings for a senior move is an important step. For this reason, you should make an inventory and declutter your belongings before you hire relocation services Hong Kong. While making an inventory of your belongings, you get to see what you own. Also, you can already decide what you are going to declutter. Older people usually like to gather a lot of belongings over the years. For this reason, decluttering is very important in this situation as it will take a lot of money and time to relocate all of the unnecessary belongings.  

You should make a doctor appointment before senior moving  

Every senior person has at least one illness and has multiple prescriptions. For this reason, it’s important to visit your doctor before your relocation and to make sure you have enough of everything. You will have to change your doctor after relocation as soon as possible. Additionally, don’t forget to pack all your pills in your essential bag.  

find a doctor when senior moving
You should find a doctor after senior moving

Preparing for a senior relocation doesn’t have to be hard  

While the senior moving checklist is a little bit different than other moving checklists, mostly everything is the same. You need to find movers, set a moving date, and prepare your belongings for a relocation. If you follow all these tips, your seniors should have smooth and safe relocation. 

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