How to make good use of your suitcases when packing for a move

Trying to pack everything tightly for the move might not be as easy as it sounds. It requires smart solutions if you want to optimize how you pack and carry your belongings during your relocation. Additionally, fragile and breakable items are often best insured with movers Hong Kong offers, but sometimes you can cut a few corners. You shouldn’t do everything by yourself, but you can prepare and pack properly. Don’t worry if it’s your first time moving, as many other people were in your spot before. Here’s how you can optimize when preparing for the move, such as how to make good use of your suitcases when packing.

How to make packing smarter?

Professional movers can help you move chunky household items, such as your furniture. Many people will have trouble moving heavy items by themselves, and it can be hard on your back. While you should leave most of the things to professionals, some things you can do yourself. This mostly applies to regular, small household items, as well as valuables. The worst things would be to find out something is damaged after moving to Hong Kong. You can easily avoid this, but you need to take some time in advance to prepare well.

man carrying suitcase through the square
Make good use of your suitcases when packing to make it easier to relocate.

Make good use of your suitcases when packing to protect valuables

Valuables such as jewelry and other light items can easily get damaged in transport if you don’t prepare for the move. You can choose from different options to make sure everything arrives in good condition. However, different options might also have different implications for your budget. The cheapest and one of the safest ways to protect your valuables is to try to make good use of your suitcases when packing fragile items. Instead of stacking your suitcases in a box a transporting them empty, you could take a different approach. Using suitcases as an extra layer of protection for your valuables may be the cheapest and the safest way to transport breakable items.

Depending on the type of items, roll them in a packing paper or a small blanket, before placing them in one of your suitcases. This way, you’ll protect both your valuables and your suitcase. This might not be the best option to protect your items if you plan to leave your items with a storage Hong Kong company, though. However, it provides excellent protection for short-term storage during transport, such as when moving.

Other ways to protect jewelry and valuables

Despite suitcases being one of the great ways to transport your valuables, note that many companies will refuse to move such items. They often come in small sizes and they aren’t hard to carry with you. While they don’t pose a great logistical challenge, they require a degree of responsibility. Many companies prefer if they don’t carry anything of great value that’s easily breakable. However, some companies offer special insurance for such items and they will move your valuables.

Whether you purchased that extra insurance or decided to carry everything with you, consider getting a hard box for extra protection. Money, bonds, jewelry, and other valuables that don’t weigh much need a good case for transport. If you can’t make good use of your suitcases, purchasing a small hard box might be a good idea. This applies both to when preparing your items for movers to transport them, and when you plan to bring them with you.

jewelry shop
Jewelry and other valuables are easy to carry, but you should still provide some protection.

Consider purchasing extra insurance if you can’t make good use of your suitcases when packing

Most moving companies include basic insurance for your items. This is usually imposed by the official regulations, but basic insurance might not be enough for everyone. It usually only means that all of your regular items fall under liability insurance while movers are carrying and transporting them. As fragile items need additional protection, they are usually not included. You can opt for extra insurance though, but it will cost you a bit more. While it is cheaper to make good use of your suitcases when packing, not everyone might be convinced. If you’re having second thoughts, and you can fit it into your budget, don’t hesitate to go with extra insurance.

Movers will advise you on how to prepare your valuables for packing, and they will let you know if anything can’t be moved with them. If you’re moving heavier valuables, such as fine art, they can assist with packing. You shouldn’t attempt to pack valuables unless you know how to treat each item with proper care. Professionals can both provide useful tips and do most of the work themselves. Make sure you mention all the materials and specifics to them so nothing breaks unexpectedly.

man offering insurance
Extra insurance includes even fragile items, so you can relax while movers handle everything.

How to prepare your suitcases for moving and storage

Just like your valuables, suitcases can come in many shapes and sizes. Don’t try to store sharp and chunky items inside, as they can damage your suitcase. Ideally, you should store documents and smaller blunt valuables inside. Documents and paperwork are best placed in a folder before placing them in a suitcase, mostly to protect them from bending. On the other hand, protecting the suitcase becomes important when storing metal items inside, such as jewelry. That’s why you should roll such items in a soft blanket before placing them inside. Make sure you check the blanket and jewelry material don’t interact in any way, especially if you plan to store your items mid or long-term.

Use specialized cleaners to prepare your suitcase before placing anything inside. You should thoroughly clean both the inside and the outside of your suitcase. Leather suitcases require different cleaners from other types of suitcase fabric. Make sure you double-check what protects your suitcase best, and only use the adequate cleaners. Try to clean your suitcases and pack on different days. This allows the suitcase cleaners to dry up and totally evaporate. Only then can you rest assured that no stains will appear unexpectedly, while also making good use of your suitcases when packing for your Hong Kong relocation.

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