How to make your new place feel like home

In the process of moving you are entering a whole new world. You will discover the ‘new you’. But, the new apartment is new to you, you will perhaps feel like a total stranger there like it belongs to someone else. Don’t despair! There are tips to make your new place feel like home. Because there is no place like home!

Arrange help for moving

First thing that you need to do is to find a good moving company. If you are thinking about moving to Hong Kong, you will definitely need help from a reliable moving company to relocate all of your belongings. Because of different languages, regulations, and customs, you will need a trusting moving company that will guard your shipment well. Our car shipping HK can do that for you.

Shipping your vehicle to Honk Kong is not an easy task. It is pretty complicated. In order to get customs clearance, you will need a tone of paperwork and even if one paper is missing or it is filled in a wrong way, you won’t get customs clearance. Our company has the know-how that is needed for getting the custom clearance. You need to be concentrated on other things like finding a way to make your new house feel like home. So, rely on us!

Storage is a necessity

While moving the entire household you will need to think about where your belongings are going to be while you are getting papers for them. If the destination is Hong Kong, the best conditions have Kwun Tong storage that is stationed in the industrial part of Hong Kong. Storage has everything that you need:

  • climate controlled units
  • clean warehouse
  • camera control
Storage your belonging and protect them

Your shipment can wait for customs clearance in the short term or in the long term, depending on your needs and circumstances. Various things can happen during the process of moving and while waiting for your shipment to arrive. For example, you can arrive at your new home and still be waiting for the furniture or your car. But, you are not alone, our experts won’t let that happen! Contact us!

Tips and tricks to make your new place feel like home

Finally, your shipment has arrived at your new address. You are most satisfied because everything went well with the moving company and nothing went wrong. Your car is at the driveway waiting for a good wash. You can now set your mind on unpacking, assembling your furniture and decorating. You need to make your new place feel like home. There is a lot to be done so get on it!

Choose your favorite place -make your new place feel like home

Take a good look at your new home. Don’t let the boxes that are all over the floor discourage you. First, choose your favorite spot in your new home. Let’s imagine that it is the bedroom. Start with putting the mattress on the metal frame of the bed. Then take out your favorite sheets that smell like the home you know. Assemble the furniture for your bedroom, take out the fluffy pillows and lay on it. Relax for a few moments. It will all seem different.  A good start to making your new place feel like home, don’t you think?

Go to the supermarket

You arrived at your new home, set up the room where you are going to sleep, your personal oasis of peace. Don’t forget that you are a human been, after all, and you have a physical need to eat. Dress up and go to the supermarket. Buy necessities like bread, juice, milk, eggs, frozen lasagna, your favorite marmalade, something that you will need every day. When you open your refrigerator and start making your breakfast, it will seem to you like all known and get you back to the routine that you had before you moved. Weel, it’s a good tip to make your new place feel like home. The night will fall, so you will also have to think about light bulbs because you don’t have them in your new apartment. Buy them as well!

Start decorating your new place in order to feel like home

Find the moving boxes that have a label on them that says ‘curtains’. Get the curtains from the boxes and start hanging them. You can begin with your living room because you are going to spend most of your time at home exactly in that room. When you hang them, the living room will instantly look familiar. It needs to be cozy enough. The more important, it has to make your new place feel like home.

-make your new place feel lik ehome
Hang the curtains-trick to make tour new place feel like home

Fill the rooms with pictures-make your new place feel like home

What can make your new place feel like home more than your family pictures? Get them out of the boxes and start filling the space. Put them in beautiful picture frames and find them the perfect spot on your shelves. The same thing you do with your favorite books. We all know that there are some books that we all like to come back to and read them again. Put them on the bookshelves or even on the floor. It will look decorative and it will give smoothness to space and remind you of your relaxing moments while reading them.

Repair installation for internet

The important thing for you is to be in touch with your family and friends. Set the installation for the internet, get your computer running. Find a good place for the computer table. After all, you spend good quality time at your computer.

-computer desk
Be online and keep in touch with your family and friends

Start inviting friends over

You’ve got everything in place and you can not wait to invite your friends to your new home. They are eager to see it too. Make some delicious food and refreshing juice. Then, put the pillows around the coffee table, get some scent candles and light them. Rent a projector, find your favorite movie. Make your new place feel like home. Laugh, may your house be filled with laughter and talk!


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