How to move a car to another state

If you’re thinking about relocating your household, one of the important questions is how to relocate your vehicle. In case you plan to drive it to your new address, the procedure is relatively easy. However, if you plan to catch a flight to your new home, there are a few options you should consider. The situation is even more complicated if you plan on moving your car long-distance. The bottom line is to find a reliable way of transporting your car across state lines. Therefore, in this article, we’ll show you how to recognize a trustworthy car shipping HK company. Also, you’ll get familiar with all other aspects of this process. From necessary paperwork to the preparatory steps needed to ensure safe transport, you name it. Here is the best guide on how to move a car to another state.

Why use auto shipping services to move a car to another state?

There’s no doubt moving across state borders can bring you plenty of anxiety. Between finding the best moving company Hong Kong and dealing with necessary documents, there’s even more. You have to think about a plan to transport your car. Here are the reasons why using professional auto transport services might be a smart investment.

Moving a car to another state can be cheaper if you hire professionals

Driving yourself to reach your desired destination is always an option for moving a car. Even if you’re moving across the country, to another state. However, is it the most convenient or the safest option? We wouldn’t agree. Even if sometimes this way of transporting your car can be less expensive, there’s simply no substitute for experts. Because there is a lot of logistics and planning if you want to move your car to another state on your own. You have to pay for gas, food, hotel services, and all other car expenses associated with a long drive. Not to mention that, if anything gets damaged, you’ll be the only one responsible.

A laptop, a phone and a notebook on a desk
Moving a car to another state requires a lot of planning.

Professionals will make transporting your car to another state less stressful

As we already mentioned, relocations can get very stressful. Especially if you plan on moving with your kids. You’ll have to move with your pets, plants, and the rest of your household in your car. You got the point- this experience can turn into a real nightmare. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. As trained drivers have a lot of experience, you should avoid driving your car at all costs. Also, you’ll save your car from a tear, wear, and additional mileage.

What is the cost of moving a car to another country?

Before you hire a professional carrier instead of driving yourself, this is a question that will probably cross your mind. While we cannot give you the exact answer to this question, some factors influence the price of this service. The final price will depend on a couple of factors listed below. One of the most important factors is the distance from your current home to your new home. Another factor is the size, model, and weight of your car. Meaning, transporting an exotic car to another state will cost you more than transporting a sedan. Also, the shipping method you prefer will surely influence the final price. You’ll get to choose between open or enclosed auto transport. Finally, don’t forget the cost of auto insurance.

How to find the best auto shipper to transport your car to another state?

After you decide to hire professional auto shipping services, you should pick wisely. You have to entrust your car to a shipper with the required set of skills and years of experience. That’s why you have to take some steps before you decide who will move your car to another state.

  • First, you have to fill out a car transport quote on the carrier’s website.
  • Then, include all necessary information about moving your car and shipping details.
  • After you receive bids from several shippers, pick the most suitable one. However, in most cases, it’s not the cheapest one.
  • Finally, check your potential shipper. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations.
Two men checking the car
Hire professionals to help you with preparing and transporting your car abroad.

Ask for quotes for moving a car to another state

As we’ve already mentioned, get quotes from several carriers before you decide. Receiving multiple quotes is important to choose the most acceptable offer. That way, you’ll be able to collect several different estimated prices and compare them. There is simply no better way to compare them than this one.

The documents you’ll need to ship your vehicle

Transporting your car to another state requires some paperwork. You should provide it to your transporting company before shipping. Of course, the number and type of documents vary from company to company. However, you’ll surely be going to need a car’s registration and title, driver’s license, and proof of car insurance.

Prepare your car before you move it

After you arrange all the details for shipping your car to another country, you have to prepare it for shipping. First, you need to wash your car and look for any signs of damage. In case there are some scratches or abrasions, take photos of them. Even if there are no damages, make sure to take several pictures of your whole vehicle before transporting it. That way, you’ll be able to file a damage claim later if it happens. Furthermore, fix any fluid leaks, make sure that your tank is only ¼ full, and check your tires. Also, the emergency brake should be in good condition and you should remove all exterior parts that can be removed. That includes the alarm system and antenna. Finally, there is no room for any belongings in the trunk, so keep that in mind when packing for relocation.

A bucket of water in front of the car
Finally, get your vehicle prepared for shipping to another state by washing it beforehand.

The conclusion

As you realized, you have to be properly prepared to move a car to another state. We hope our advice was enough to get you ready and prepared for this challenge. Anyway, we wish you a good luck and safe car transportation.

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