How to move heavy objects

Moving heavy objects is not really difficult if you know what you are doing. You will need to have the right tools and to use proper techniques. However, if you’ve never done this in your life, it might be difficult for you. In that case, it may perhaps be for the best if you use a moving service Hong Kong instead of doing it on your own. But if you take some time to properly prepare, say by reading this article, you will be able to do it as well.

How to move heavy objects? – Useful tips

Here are the things that will make your lifting a lot easier:

  • Get necessary moving tools
  • Disassemble heavy objects before the move
  • Protect your items during the move
  • Move heavy objects properly – Push instead of pull!
Get necessary moving tools, such as moving straps.

Get necessary moving tools

The first items that you need to get are the following:

  • Lifting straps are used as a pulley system. You can use your body as the fixed pulley with these.
  • Stair rollers you can attach to your heavy items to make rolling them down the steps easier. You will still need some muscle to guide them, however. Best used with two persons.
  • A furniture dolly is a flat piece of equipment that has four wheels. It is made for moving large and bulky items over distances. You will also need some furniture straps for securing your items onto the dolly. This is your “MVP” tool and is indispensable if you are doing the moving on your own. It is worth your while to acquire one of the best dollies on the market today.
  • Glides, also called sliders, are improved versions of rugs that people use for sliding items down the floor. Most commonly, they are plastic disks that you place under furniture to make it “glide” over the floor. You will need to push it yourself but the force required is going to be a lot smaller.

Disassemble heavy objects before the move

If you are shipping furniture to Hong Kong, you may want to disassemble it before moving them. This will make the individual pieces much lighter than one big piece of furniture. You cannot disassemble everything, however, but you can remove a piece or two from most items. If you don’t know what you are doing it is always best to consult a professional.

If possible, disassemble every heavy object that you are planning to move.

Protect your items during the move

You may want to use bubble packs and similar wrapping before you actually move any of the heavy objects. Accidents happen and the more protection you have for your items, the better. There are also other items that you can use for this purpose, such as heavy-duty packing paper and similar.

Move heavy objects properly – Push instead of pull!

First of all, you will need some great hacks and solutions for moving your heavy furniture and other heavy objects. Finally, you never want to be pulling heavy items yourself. It is always a better option to push them instead. If you are pulling them, you are running the risk of these items falling over you and causing severe injury. Don’t even get in that situation, push instead of pull!

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