How to negotiate a moving package

Moving your life to a new place for the dream job you’ve just got sounds fantastic! Except, the logistics of your move can cost a fortune. Your employer will provide you with a relocation package. However, you may find that the amount is insufficient to move you and your family smoothly to your new home. Besides, there might be some unexpected expenses popping up along the way. The best moving company Hong Kong has a few tips on how to negotiate a moving package, and get a better deal effectively. Check what those are in the text that follows.

A thorough research before you negotiate a moving package

Before you set to negotiate the relocation expenses with your prospective employer, it’s important to have your objectives clear. Firstly, ensure you know all the components the package includes. This will help you identify segments that you consider important, but aren’t in the offer. Then, you can straightforward ask the company to accommodate your needs. If you are moving to Hong Kong from overseas, for instance, the process will be complex. Your employer knows this, and they are willing to assist you, so you’ll be prepared to start work as soon as possible. Hence, make sure you know exactly what to ask from the company, and arrange moving assistance that will conveniently cover all areas of your relocation. There are different types of packages. However, all contracts will list what segments of the move are covered by your company.

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Review your moving package offer to identify areas you need to negotiate

What does your moving package include?

This will vary from company to company. Yet, your employer should cover all of your relocation expenses. This is why it’s important to carefully review what are you offered before you negotiate a moving package. For instance, you may need some storage solutions before or after you move. If your offer doesn’t entail it, you can make it part of your negotiations. Typically, a moving assistance package will include:

  • Moving company expenses
  • Insurance coverage
  • Assistance with selling your home
  • Temporary housing
  • Help to find a school for your children or a job for your spouse
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When planning how to negotiate a moving package, develop ideas that benefit you and your employer

An effective strategy to arrange your relocation package

If you did your research well, as we’ve suggested above, you’ll be able to negotiate a relocation package with success. Essential services include furniture assembly and disassembly, packing services, business trips to your new office before the move, etc. Take note of anything that you and your family need, and sit at the negotiation table. In addition:

  • Look at the local competitor’s offers, compare them with yours, and use them as an argument to negotiate additions to your moving package
  • Ask your employer if they can reimburse or switch out some aspects of the offer, that will suit you better
  • Check if they offer a cash stipend upfront and if you can get a higher amount, in case some of your moving needs can’t be met.

When you move for a job, calculate your cost of living well ahead of time. Besides allowing you to prepare better for your new life, it can be a good addition to your strategy when you negotiate a moving package. With our tips above and some thoughtful research, we’re sure you’ll get the best deal possible. Good luck!

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