How to organize a more sustainable move to Hong Kong

Moving is rightly called a complicated and stressful process. The place where you have lived for months or years suddenly becomes nothing but bare walls. Packing boxes are all over the rooms, and besides the chaos in the house, there is another chaos- in your head! Why not do something to keep it from happening? If you are moving to Hong Kong, a serious organization and thousands of little things are waiting for you. To ensure yourself a sustainable move to Hong Kong, you have to be very serious in all this and plan everything on time. Here are some tips on how best to achieve this.

Inform yourself

Moving is one of the more stressful moments that can happen to you. No one likes the madness that moving brings with it. However, look for one of the best moving company Hong Kong and your worries will be much less. Seek help from experts to guide you on which materials are biodegradable, whether they have boxes made of that material, and where you can get them. Organizing a sustainable move to Hong Kong is not a  complicated thing, and as much as you think you can’t do it yourself, you can. But don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Question mark on blackboard
Don’t be afraid to ask about sustainable moving options

It is easy to organize a more sustainable move to Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong is a real challenge for everyone. Moving as moving is about the same, but the knowledge that you are moving to such an urban area certainly awakens in you a special feeling of enthusiasm and the need for everything to be nicely organized and smartly packed.

But even though this is a serious process, it would be nice to think about the environment! Don’t let stress and crowds distract you and make you destructive to the nature around you when you move. As in everyday life, it is important that, as an individual, we make as little waste as possible that cannot be recycled in some way. Therefore, do not do this even when moving. The most important principle to have a sustainable move to Hong Kong is to make sure everything can be recycled, reused, and reduced.

Pack smart

To have a sustainable move to Hong Kong, start with the packaging. First, separate everything that is not necessary. There will certainly be a lot of things. It is usually about clothes. You can donate it or make a yard sale. If you know a local charity, you can ask them if anyone needs it. It’s always a good option to put things that you don’t need at that moment, but maybe later, in eco-friendly storage. Also, if you have any household appliances that you did not plan to take with you, take them to the designated containers for recycling.

Also, when packing, it would be best to use canvas travel bags and suitcases that you have. Use drawers and shelves of your furniture, fill them, and let them serve you instead of boxes. This also saves space and uses fewer boxes.

In addition, you can use cardboard boxes. To have a sustainable move, you can rent them from recycling centers, where they are cheaper. You can also use boxes that have been used in local markets. After moving, do not throw them away, but recycle, give them away, or sell them.

Use natural solvents

When you move out of the home but also move into a new one, clean the apartment with natural solvents. Current chemical cleaners are very aggressive towards flora and fauna, but also towards rivers. You can clean everything in the house with the help of, for example, baking soda, lemon, and its acid or natural vinegar. You can also refresh the space with essential oils.

Baking soda spilled on table
Use baking soda for cleaning

Invest in energy-efficient products

If you also change your home appliances when moving, this can be part of a sustainable move to Hong Kong. Today, many home appliances consume significantly less energy than their predecessors.

These include:

  • energy saving light bulbs
  • energy saving outlets
  • low flow showerhead
  • automatic switches

For example, light bulbs consume up to 70% less electricity. Low flow showerhead reduces energy consumption and water. Also, automatic switches turn off automatically when someone forgets to turn them off.

Design an eco-friendly travel route

To produce less carbon monoxide when moving, plan when and where to go in advance. It would be best to go at a time when it is not rush hour, preferably at night or early in the morning. If this is not feasible, then plan a route that is the fastest in terms of miles and time. This will reduce the carbon footprint and save time if you rent a truck. If possible, you can send your car by rail. On average, a train is four times more efficient than a truck.

Two red trains at station
Use the train for moving, if it is possible

Save from the first day

When moving in, there is a big crowd. To have a sustainable move to Hong Kong, it would be best to turn off the heating or air conditioning (if it is summer) before anyone enters the house. So that they do not have a large energy consumption due to opening the door too often. If, due to weather or other circumstances, it is impossible to do so, then you can do the following. One option is to bring everything to the door and then quickly put everything in the house at once. Another option is to close the door between each entry and exit.

If you have had any doubts about a sustainable move to Hong Kong so far, we hope you don’t have them anymore. Stay eco-friendly even when it’s just important for everything to go well. There are many ways you can be good to the environment, choose at least some. This is especially easy today when there is information but also appliances that save energy and reduce carbon footprints. Be a human, and save the planet!

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