How to organize a relocation with a pet

Moving is stressful for us people, and it is so for our four-legged friends as well. They get anxious when there’s a commotion in their homes or when introduced to a new environment. There isn’t a one size fits all formula to organize a relocation with a pet. Yet, our experts at ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong share their knowledge with you, to help you come up with a plan and move safely and happily with your pet. Read on to find out how to make your moving project a success.

How to organize a relocation with a pet?

There is no doubt that our pets are part of the family. Our kids love them, and we have an emotional connection to them. Moving with a pet is different than arranging car shipping HK and getting the right insurance coverage for the best outcome. If you’re moving with a pet, there are a number of things to consider, and take the right steps to ensure its safety and well-being. To do this, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Book your pet relocation services
  • Research requirements of the country you’re moving to
  • Talk to your vet
a woman with two cats
Pets are beloved members of the family, so you’ll need to ensure you’re entrusting them in good hands during the move

Organize a relocation with a pet with a good mover by your side

You probably know already that not all moving companies have the resources to move you with a pet. Hence, as soon as you know you’ll be moving, find the best pet movers Hong Kong and make the arrangements. You need to ensure that the people who are going to move your pet will take good care of it and handle it gently. So, to start organizing a move with a pet, make a point to find a good mover ahead of time.

Learn the requirements for pet import at your destination

Each country has its own rules and requirements for the import of live animals. For your international move, you need to prepare in advance and sort out your papers. This includes visa requirements, health insurance, etc. Similarly, your pet is subject to many rules and requirements as well. These tend to vary, but generally, most countries will require the following:

  • Vaccine records – to organize a relocation with a pet, you’ll need to gather closer info from your destination country on what exact vaccines are mandatory. For instance, in almost all countries a rabies vaccine is a must.
  • ID tag or microchip – almost certainly if you intend to move abroad with a pet, you must have it microchipped.
  • A statement from your vet that your pet is in a good health condition to travel
  • Potential quarantine rules – this is especially important to learn and prepare in advance if you own an exotic pet, other than the conventionally accepted breeds
A dog at the vet
Organize a relocation with a pet by visiting your vet and updating the necessary documents

Visit your vet to organize a relocation with a pet

When moving with a pet, your vet is probably the most relevant source of information. They’ve been monitoring closely the health of your little friend, and they know their condition well. Also, the vet’s office is the right place to get most of the papers needed for your pet’s relocation. They can give you an updated vaccine card, and individual guidelines and advice in regards to the specific breed, the climate that you’re planning to relocate your pet to, and so on.

In summary, to move with your pet smoothly, you’ll need to gather relevant info on rules and requirements abroad. Take assistance from a good mover, and you’ll be able to effectively organize a relocation with a pet. Take your lead from our tips above, and you’ll surely simplify the entire process. Good luck.

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