How to overcome culture shock when moving

Moving can be quite difficult for some people. One of the reasons is that moving is difficult to organize. It is not easy to pack your entire household and move it across the street, let alone if you are moving to another city or continent. Furthermore, moving to another state means that you will have to adapt to your new surroundings. You will have to learn a new language, meet new friends, and adjust to new climate conditions. This is not an easy process and it could last for several months. This is something you must be prepared for if you are moving long-distance. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide that will help you overcome culture shock when moving from Hong Kong to USA. Stay with us to find out more.

A reliable moving company will help you overcome culture shock when moving

This might sound a bit strange but hear us out. Have you found a perfect neighborhood and a home of your dreams? Now you just have to pack your bags and get a plane ticket. You also need someone to help you with the relocation process. Having a reliable moving partner will help you relocate with minimal stress. You will then be fresh to start exploring and adapting to your new place. But how to be sure that your partner is a reliable partner?

  • Licenses and certificates. Check out if the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates to operate in the market.
  • Check out their website. Do they have a section with user reviews or a social network page? Read the comments and feedback for more information.
  • Call the company. Are their personnel friendly, polite, and ready to assist you?
  • Are their contracts transparent and easily understandable?
  • Do they offer a broad range of moving services like packing services or storage unit Hong Kong services? This means that they are an experienced company.

Learning the language will help you overcome culture shock when moving

One of the most important things to do when you are moving to a foreign country is to adapt to a new language. You don’t have to be quite fluent in that language but you should get to a level where you can conduct everyday communication without problems. So how to do it?

  • Get language lessons before you move.
  • Buy a course on an online platform like Udemy or some other language-learning website.
  • Try reading the newspaper or listening to the news in that language.
  • If you have some basic knowledge you can try reading books.

    Picture of a dictionary. Learning the language will help you to overcome culture shock when moving
    Ideally, you should start learning the language before you move

Things you should learn to overcome culture shock when moving

Getting informed about your new country is the best way to speed up the adjustment process. Here some of the things you should get familiar with:

  • Research the local culture. Learn more about cultural norms and etiquette as well as standards of behavior. This will help you to become a local, not just a tourist.
  • Learn more about local cuisine. While reading about local eating habits is a good start, we wholeheartedly advise you to visit local restaurants and try local specialties. You can even try making a few dishes on your own if you know how to cook.

    Picture of spaghetti meal
    Eating local cuisine will help you to overcome culture shock when moving

Take a walk around your new neighborhood

One of the best ways to blend in fast is to explore your new city. Use every free moment to roam the streets and explore parks, streets, and neighborhoods. Take a tour of cultural spots like museums, interesting landmarks, and places of historical importance. Exploring your new city is the best way to find out how it breathes. Equally important is to find out where are the best places to sit down, drink coffee, and eat local food. If you have a dog, take him for a walk and try to forget about relocation-related problems. Enjoy a beautiful day. See where are the best gyms, bars, and stores.

Picture of New York downtown
Exploring your new city will help you to adjust faster

Go out and socialize to overcome culture shock when moving

Meeting new people could be intimidating for some people, especially if they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. However, this is the fastest way to successfully become an equal member of society. You can start with your colleagues and neighbors. You can then broaden your new circle of friends at parties, dinners, and meetings. Another option is to start friendly conversations at places like coffee shops or parks. One of the most difficult aspects of international moves is the feelings of homesickness and loneliness. Therefore, if you meet new friends, you can make this transition less stressful. On the other hand, we are living in a digital age, so you can always contact your friends and family back home.

Adjust your apartment so it feels like home

If you are having trouble adapting to your new country, you can always make some extra effort to make your new apartment feel like home. Add your personal stamp to space and hang family photos and other memorabilia. Another great way of dealing with unfamiliar surroundings is to plunge into your routine. Get yourself busy and you will learn how to adapt in the meantime. It will just come to you naturally.

What can you do if that fails?

It is important to overcome culture shock when moving to preserve your mental health. Learning about local culture and meeting new friends can help you with that, but there are other ways as well. Are you familiar with the phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body“? Moving is very stressful, so we advise that you hit the gym or do some yoga in your new apartment. Physical activity will definitely help you overcome this difficult period. However, if problems intensify and you find yourself anxious or depressive you should contact a professional.

These were some of the tips that could help you overcome culture shock when moving to a foreign country. The most important thing is to stay positive and to think of this as the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life rather than an end to an era. Good luck!

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