How to pack an antique clock for a long distance move

We are all people with different habits and different expectations. But also, all of us have different items to move when we decide that it is time. Some of those items can become an obstacle if you do not know how to manage them properly. Moving an antique clock is the same thing. Not all people have it and that is why most people do not know how to pack and relocate it. So, if you own one, you need to learn how to pack an antique clock for a long distance move and move it safely. Even though you can always do it with a moving company, like ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong, or do it alone, it is important that you have enough knowledge to handle something as hard as this is!

Here is how to pack an antique clock for a long distance move

  • Disassemble the clock before packing
  •  Pack all the parts properly
  • Be careful when loading the truck

Disassemble the clock before packing

When preparing your antique clock for the move, you have to disassemble it. It would be the worst mistake if you try to handle this without doing this. There are so many parts inside and all of them cause big problems during the transport. Just imagine this picture. You are moving out of Hong Kong and you want to bring your clock. You do not disassemble it. Do you really think that it will survive the move with all the fragile parts? Do you think that the glass will stay intact? That is why you have to handle this matter and remove all the necessary parts like glass, pendulum, and weights. It will drastically lower the chances that your clock will not survive the move.

hand tools on the table - pack an antique clock for a long distance move
Move your clock after you disassemble detachable parts

Pack all the parts properly

Packing an antique clock for a long distance move has to be done properly. Even though you have disassembled the heavy parts, it does not mean that you should pack them regularly. The important thing is to secure them and be sure that nothing bad will happen to them during the transport. This is done by getting good moving supplies. One of the most important ones that you have to get is plastic wrap. It will provide the best protection. Everything else is also important but plastic wrap will bring you the best protection.

plastic wrap for packing
It is vital that you protect the fragile parts of the clock

Be careful when loading the truck

When packing an old clock for a long distance relocation, your job is to protect it. Even though proper packing is important, it does not mean that everything else is not. The crucial moment is the moment of loading the clock in the moving truck. If you are doing it on your own, you will have to be very delicate. Even though the bump may seem small but it can cause a lot of damage!

Should you be worried when packing an antique clock for the move?

You should not panic but you should not be relaxed either. You have to be in a state where you will be able to think about all possible outcomes. It is even more important if you are considering moving to UK from Hong Kong or any other place. Your clock will have to survive a long journey and you are the only one that can provide this. So, provide it and have a nice move!


Our goal here was to give you a couple of information about how to pack an antique clock for a long distance move. As you can see, it is not everything about packing itself. There are also crucial moments that you have to think about even before and after the move. Protect your clock and preserve it in the same condition!

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