How to pack dishes when moving

Moving can quite often be a real nuisance. Even the things that are unlikely to be complicated at first eventually end up making your moving process a nightmare. This is why it’s necessary to prepare as much as you can and to do your best to predict any scenario that might go in the wrong direction. Planning will enable you to have an easy and smooth transition. When it comes to item relocation, there isn’t a lot that can go badly. However, it’s not a necessarily trouble-free process either. Some items are more valuable or more fragile than others and those will need more of your attention. This is why we’ll give you a few tips on how to pack dishes when moving.

What to pay attention to when packing dishes when moving

Moving dishes during a relocation can be a tricky task and many things could go wrong. However, there are some factors that deserve your attention more than others.

  • Size
    The size of your dishes will determine which steps to take while you pack your dishes when moving. Your price will depend on the size of all dishes so you should have a rough estimation of how much you ought to prepare.
  • Fragility
    Before you pack dishes when moving you should know which ones are more fragile and place them more safely than others. Surround them well with wrapping paper and bubble wrap.
  • Quantity
    The number of plates and cups you’re moving is a huge factor when deciding what will be the next step. You might even earn yourself a discount if the amount of dishes is high enough. Ask pet movers Hong Kong if you need more useful advice.
A few boxes are stacked next to each other
Prepare good quality boxes when you pack dishes when moving

How far away is the destination

If your relocation is within one city or to a city nearby, you don’t have to worry much. However, if you are moving from one country to another, that makes things a bit more complicated. How to pack dishes when moving to UK from Hong Kong is a great example of what to pay attention to. It is crucial to find a reliable company that will not take your plates in one piece and bring them to you in bits after relocating.

Also, you have to make a hard choice of what to take with you and what to leave behind. If you possess something of a big sentimental value to you, or something that can’t be found in the country you are traveling to and you need it, prioritizing how to pack dishes when moving is crucial.

Make safety your top priority

Even though you can trust the company that you choose, accidents can still occur. This is a good reason to have all your valuable dishes properly insured. Doing something like that will not only guarantee you a financial return for anything that might get damaged or misplaced, but it will also make you worry less about the job.

How to pack

Knowing how to properly pack when you pack dishes when moving is of the highest importance. You can’t just throw all your dishes in a big box and believe you did a good job. It takes more than that. You need patience, a good plan, and getting well informed.

Colourful plates are placed on top of each other
Packing dishes when moving includes inspecting every piece from smallest to biggest

Which materials to use

The materials you choose will have a significant impact on whether your dishes will be safely relocated and in which condition they’ll arrive at the destination. Taking time to carefully think about which package is suitable for packing dishes when moving will pay off immensely in the end. Keep in mind that the materials you’re considering for packing aren’t only the boxes and duct tape. Think about buying some bubble pack or just using some old newspapers to fill in any empty space that might make the dishes fragile and exposed.

Check that every single dish is undamaged and ready for packing. Broken dishes can damage other items during the transportation process. Make sure you wrap every item individually. That way everything is as safe as can get. Use paper, foam, or bubble wrap, depending on your preference. Put the dishes systematically in boxes and take as much time as you need to protect and fill them in an adequate way. Find boxes that include separators, line them with cushioning or protective material and make sure you filled them up so that nothing moves too much or at all. In the end, label all the boxes while you pack dishes when moving. That will make movers’ job easier and they will appreciate it.


Deciding how to pack your dishes when moving is probably even more important than the materials you’ve decided to use. Here are some bits which should receive more attention:

  1. Mark which side is the top so that the relocation team knows how to pick up and hold your packages, as well as how to place the boxes into the truck, plane, etc.
  2. Protect the corners of the dishes. Do this especially if the dishes are fragile and valuable. A small crack can ruin the whole plate.
  3. Make sure you’ve protected the bottom side of your boxes with some duck tape and bubble wrap. You don’t want them to pick up a box just for it to fall apart.
A lot of large boxes are ready for transport
It is important to find a reliable company to help you relocate your dishes

Finding a place for your dishes once you’ve relocated

Once relocating dishes has been successfully completed, don’t relax just yet, it’s not completely over! You can say that the hardest part is finished. However, you still need to take care of the dishes that you own, even if they’re stationary. This, of course, mostly applies to your decorative plates and china. The kind of dishes you don’t use every day. Make sure you keep it in a protected cellar or a glass display cabinet if you wish to display it in your house as a decoration. The direct sunlight might cause it to fade and lose quality and too much humidity will cause mold to show up. Therefore, a dry, confined space would be a perfect choice.

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