How to pack jewelry for a move

Almost every single person has a good number of jewelry pieces in their home. Usually, there are certain pieces of jewelry that might be more expensive or they are part of your family heirloom. Whatever the case might be, you need to take care of your jewelry properly. This might be a little bit difficult when you are currently in the middle of moving house. In addition to this, it can be also quite challenging to relocate your jewelry. After all, they are quite expensive and precious. Therefore, you need to be careful when you are preparing your jewelry for relocation. It is important to hire Hong Kong movers and packers to help you with this matter. However, the best advice would be to pack jewelry for a move by yourself. Here is how you should do it. 

Should you hire movers to pack jewelry for a move? 

It is always better to hire relocation services Hong Kong when you need to relocate to your new house. The reason is quite simple. It can be extremely challenging and demanding to pack and transport your entire household to your new address. This is why you should hire professionals to take care of this matter. Usually you should not have any problems leaving your everyday items in the capable hands of your movers. They will know how to pack and prepare every single item properly for transport. However, it is a little bit different when it comes to your jewelry. They are both expensive and fragile. If you lose them or they get damaged during transport, it can be a huge problem. For this reason, it is better if you are the one responsible for packing and transporting your jewelry. 

blue and gold rings
It is better if you are the one moving your jewelry

Do you need to prepare special packing supplies? 

You cannot simply put your jewelry in the standard cardboard box and call it a day. You should always keep your jewelry separated from other items. It would be better if you have a jewelry box. Then, you can place all of your jewelry here. If you do not have any jewelry boxes, do not worry, you can always use smaller cardboard boxes instead. It is easy to find packing supplies. However, if you do this, you need to make sure your jewelry pieces will not get tangled up during transport. For this purpose, you will need straws, cardboard rolls, re-sealable kitchen wrap, or zip-top bags. This way, your jewelry will not get tangled up. You can also avoid any damage. You will also need a black marker so you can label the cardboard box later.  

Pack jewelry for a move step by step 

Now that you have everything ready, here is a step-by-step guide on how you should pack your jewelry for a move. 

  • A jewelry roll – you should use a jewelry roll for valuable pieces. The compartments would keep her jewelry separate while the size would make it easy to carry. 
  • A pill case – It is perfect for smaller pieces of jewelry such as earrings or rings. 
  • Use straws or cardboard rolls – you can use straws or cardboard rolls to fit the necklace inside. You should use packing paper to secure them inside. 
  • Re-sealable kitchen wrap – you can also layout the piece of wrap, put your jewelry in the half, fold and press the rap to hold your jewelry inside. 
  • Buttons or foam – you can use buttons or form for your earrings. 
  • Packing paper or zip-top bags – use it to separate your jewelry. 
pink and silver necklace
You can use the original boxes

More tips for packing 

There is another way to pack your jewelry. If your jewelry pieces are already separated inside the jewelry box, then, there is no need to do it individually. In addition to this, if your jewelry box is stored inside the drawer, you can just secure the drawers with stretch wrap and protect it with paper padding. Usually, it would be better to move your drawers completely empty. This way, you can prevent any damage that might happen during transport. However, if you’re moving locally, and then, this would be a good option. On the other hand, if you are moving internationally, then, this is certainly not an option for you. It can be extremely risky to send your jewelry secured only in the drawer. If you are moving internationally or long distance, then, you should take all of your jewelry with you.  

How to pack jewelry for travel 

If you plan to move internationally, then you should bring your jewelry with yourself. When you are traveling, it is extremely important to organize and protect your jewelry well. First of all, you should carry all of your valuables with you. Do not put them inside your luggage since your luggage can get easily lost. Therefore, place it inside your carry-on. Then, if you want to reduce the number of your jewelry, you can wear some of it while you’re traveling. As for packing your jewelry for travel, it is not any different from all the things mentioned above. You need to make sure to properly pack them, prevent any tangling, and you should use a jewelry box. Always keep your jewelry box next to you so it won’t get stolen or lost during the travel. These would be just some things you should know when traveling with jewelry. 

open jewelry box
Use a jewelry box if you have it

All the ways to pack jewelry for a move 

As you can see, this is how you should pack jewelry for a move. It is extremely important to pack it properly in order not to damage it during transport. In addition to this, you should be the one packing and moving your jewelry. Even though you should hire a moving company for your other items, you should not trust movies with your jewelry. After all, it is always better to keep your jewelry close to you. It can be extremely expensive and impossible to replace them. 

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