How to Pack Your Car the Tetris Way

Do you need to transport a lot of stuff but don’t know how to put them all into your car? The Tetris way could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Inspired by the popular puzzle game, this packing strategy entails organizing and putting stuff into your car in a way that maximizes space and guarantees that everything fits securely. This is something that’s often used by Hong Kong movers and packers in their relocation services. If you pack your car the Tetris way, you’re ensuring that you’re off to a good start. This way, you can move a lot of items all at once, minimizing the number of times you need to go back and forth.

Start by gathering everything you want to move

First and foremost, you need to gather everything you want to move. Assess what fits together, in the same sense as the game Tetris works. You’ll want to pack everything as tightly as possible to avoid any moves, according to professional international movers Hong Kong. Group smaller and bigger things together. This is going to help you later on when you start packing the items to decide what goes where.

Someone putting tape over a moving box.
In order to prepare to pack your car the Tetris way, you can also put similar items in boxes and pack them in the same way.

Moreover, at this stage, you should also check how many of the items you can move in one drive. Even though when you pack your car the Tetris way you can usually move a lot at once, it’s not an infinite amount. This is especially important if you’re planning any kind of car shipping HK later on. Here are other things you should consider:

  • Group similar things together.
  • Plan to have your bigger items together, forming the backbone of your car cargo
  • Assess how many items you can pack your car the Tetris way, and make a second load so it fits together again

Pack your items the Tetris way by putting in the bigger items first

Start by putting the bigger items first. This is going to create the so-called ‘backbone’ of your Tetris way of packing. Moreover, it’s going to ensure that all the smaller items fit nicely together. Moreover, if you are moving anything with drawers, put the smallest items in there. This is going to help secure them during the travel. If something doesn’t fit, or there’s too much left, consider hiring a company offering moving service Hong Kong area. This is going to speed up the process, and they can pack your items for you, as well.

Some putting bubble wrapping around a smaller item, as they are also wondering how to pack your car the Tetris way.
Using bubble wrapping can also be of help if you want to protect the smaller items.

Be sure that some items’ weight is not placed directly against another item. This can cause damage, and further down the line, unexpected costs can occur. Even though when you pack your car the Tetris way you’re getting a lot of benefits, be careful about such situations. Bad placement of an item might crush something. In order to prepare for this way of packing, read about normal packing techniques. In any case, it’s a really popular technique and it is widely used by a number of famous professional moving companies.

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