How to pack your glassware for storage

Moving fragile items is a demanding and exhaustive job – especially when it comes to packing items that are sensitive and of great value. Besides this, you also need to take additional caution to ensure safe transportation to desired destination, and not just to your storage. Of course, one of the best options is car shipping HK, but it would be great if you know how to prepare. So today we will introduce you to the basic rules of how to pack your glassware for storage. Also, we will tell you a bit about how to move and secure fragile antiques – and how to prevent damage in the best possible way.

Basic rule when you start to pack your glassware for storage

Once you start to pack your glassware for storage, you should stick to one obvious rule… Get ready in advance! As you may presume, it takes a little more time to pack precious crystal, porcelain, and other glassware. Of course, this is a delicate business and should not be rushed. If you do not have the patience – or time – it is best to leave packing to the professionals. Every moving company has trained people and special materials and wrapping foils that will protect things from damage and breakage.

storage - pack your glassware for storage
It takes a little more time to pack precious crystal, porcelain, than to pack your glassware for storage.

The second obvious rule is that you have to provide special boxes, papers, packing material, scissors, and adhesive tape. Of course, you can find all this with your moving company. Without this equipment, you should never start packing fragile or any other glassware items for storage.

Find a reliable storage

The other thing you need is to find a reliable storage for your glassware. Think about your needs: do you need short term or long term storage Hong Kong? What kind of security do you need for your items? Do you need everyday access to your storage? And do you maybe need special climate conditions for you glassware? All these answers will help you find the best storage for your things.

Sort out your glassware before you start packing it for storage

Once you start to pack your glassware for storage, be sure to sort the fragile items before you start. If you decide to pack items that are not sorted first, you are just wasting more time. Also, you may not need some items and you do not even need to pack them, so it is best to recycle.

After sorting, secure the boxes first by sticking the bottom of each cardboard box with adhesive packing tape. This is just a precaution and skipping this step does not necessarily mean that the boxes will break, but it is advisable to reduce the risk of any damage. Then place soft paper and some extra foil at the bottom of the box to provide the protection you need.

cat on shelf
Sort the fragile items before you start.

When moving glassware and fragile items, do not use newspapers, as this may cause printing stains on delicate surfaces. Instead, use soft paper and a protective packaging foil and wrap each part separately

Glassware from the kitchen

When you think about how to pack your glassware for storage, you may need to know the list of your glassware. And kitchenware packaging is one of the hardest things to do when relocating. Transporting things to less remote locations is no problem. However, when it comes to international relocation, it is essential to protect them well.


It is best to pack the plates vertically in smaller boxes with paper placed on the bottom and top. Each plate must be wrapped in foil and covered with adhesive tape.


Moving companies usually have special boxes designed to pack fragile and delicate glasses to ensure safe transport. The glasses must be packed individually in separate papers. Put some extra soft paper between them to prevent breakage. Place the heaviest glasses on the bottom, while the easier should be placed on the top of the box.

Packaging valuable and antique items

The hardest part of the job when it comes to packing your glassware for storage is certainly packing antique items that are of great value. First, you have to see what are the security options when it comes to storing valuables. Second, it would be good to learn about some tips when signing a moving contract. Surely, storing anything with great material and sentimental value should be left to the professionals.


The lamps are packed so that the stand is separated from the lampshade and both parts are wrapped in wrapping foil. Then you can place them in not very large boxes that are filled with soft paper.


High-value paintings are packaged by protecting the fragile frame part first. Then, are packaged in boxes containing an additional layer of protection between each painting. Pack the large paintings in blankets or special plastic and move them separately from the others. The same principle applies to other antique items that are bulky and have pointed edges. Note: many people use paper towels to move delicate items. This is by no means recommended!

Use a marker in a different color to highlight your glassware.

Label your boxes

Mark boxes as fragile or fragile items on all sides so that moving workers carrying goods and transport can treat them with better care. Use a marker in a different color to highlight the glassware, and you can also mark them in ordinal numbers to know the priority in your storage.

In the end, hire professionals to move and store your glassware

As you may know, you do not need to do any moving alone, especially when it comes to fragile objects. So call the professional moving company and let them help you pack your glassware for storage. They may not only have all the necessary packaging materials but also personnel with experience in moving any kind of delicate items.


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