How to pack your kitchen like a pro

When you are moving, you are probably wondering how do you even have this much of items, clothes and things in general. It didn’t seem as you had so many things until you have started packing. No matter how many things you have, little or a lot, you need to make a plan on how you will be packing. If you want to pack your kitchen like a pro, you came to the right place. Here we will give you some tips and tricks. It doesn’t matter if you are packing a king size mattress or things from the kitchen you need to know how.

Pack your kitchen like a pro in no time

So, in order to pack your kitchen like a pro, you need to have everything that you need for such action. There are some things that are a must, and without which you won’t be able to pack. Remember, before you start thinking about how you don’t have time for that, you can always rely on packing services Hong Kong, professionals do know best. On the other hand, if this is a DIY project, then stay tuned.

Packing material you need to pack your kitchen like a pro

As we said it already, you will need to have some much-needed supplies in order to pack your kitchen like a pro. Let’s see what are those supplies you may need:

  • Boxes all of the sizes, from small to extra large
  • Packing paper
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers
packing materials
Make sure to have proper packing materials

These are the supplies you need more or less. It is better to have something extra, then to miss something. What is really important is to have boxes all of the sizes, because when it comes to the kitchen and its appliances, you never know how big or small of a box you may need. What you don’t need is to have some small appliance in a huge box with a free space, because if so, it can get broken or damaged.

Cups, glasses, and plates

Before we start talking about the appliance and how to pack them in the easiest and most efficient ways, we will talk about cups, glasses, and plates. It is important to know how to pack these. As they are very fragile, if not packed correctly, they can break. The last thing you want is to open a box and see that your favorite cup from which you drink coffee every morning is broken. That is why you must know the right way to pack these.

glasses on the table
Protect your glasses and cups

When want to pack your kitchen like a pro, watch the fragile items

So, as we already said, cups, glasses, and plates need to be packed in the best way possible. What is the most important packing material you need to have when packing this, is packing paper. In order to save money, you can just use yesterday’s newspaper. It will serve just as well. What you need to do with the paper is to stuff your cups with it, and then all around them. When it comes to plates, just stack one plate one piece of paper, one plate, one piece of paper, and so forth. Boxes need to be the size you need for the number of plates and cups. You need to pack them separately. There must be a box of a suitable size for plates and one for cups. They mustn’t be all in the same box.

Kitchen appliances

Now we are going to talk about kitchen appliances. When you are packing a microwave and a toaster, the best solution would be to have the original boxes. If you don’t then try to find the size of a box that will suit the size of a kitchen appliance you are about to pack. Of course, it would be if you can wrap some paper around those as well, but it is not necessary if you have original boxes in which the appliance came from the store. Once your appliances are packed, you have to know how to load your items in a loading truck. Even though everything is safely packed, you must load it carefully.


Packing your kitchen like a pro doesn’t only mean that there are glasses, plates, appliances to pack. It also means that there are some perishables such as food from the fridge, bottles with juice and similar. Have you ever wondered what people do to those things? Well, some people simply throw the food and everything else from the fridge and the pantry away, this is definitely not a good choice for so many reasons. What you ought to do is to pack it in a way that it won’t spoil while transferring it. Those mini-fridges are a really useful thing to have for such situations. If you don’t have one and you are not up for an extra expense now that you are moving, you can always ask a friend or a family member to lend it to you for this, if they have one that is.

food in the fridge
Use mini-fridge for transporting food from your fridge

Too many items

If you realized while you were packing that there are some things that you just don’t need and want to carry to the new place, there is a simple solution to that problem.  Storage HK is definitely the answer you are looking for. Simple rent storage and all of the things that you do not need right now you can store there. Extra space and your items are in a safe place, also you can access the storage any time you need.

Packing a kitchen like a pro is easy. Follow some simple rules, such as having the right packing material, and similar. So, keep that in mind and start organizing. You will pack in no time!

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