How to plan a corporate move on short notice

It is a well-known fact that a good plan can make a great difference. This is especially important when planning to make a big step. A corporate move is such a step. It includes not only you but also your coworkers and many things to think about. We know how overwhelming it can be. If you are looking for ideas on how to plan a corporate move on short notice, look no further. We offer you some tips and ideas that will make your quick relocation seem like no big deal. Your coworkers may have great ideas to help with the process.

What is important to know when you plan a corporate move on short notice?

If you plan a corporate move on short notice, there are some things you should know about. First of all, it is very important to know your priorities. It may be a large process and breaking it down into smaller pieces can make all the difference. Even though prioritizing is hard under short-term conditions, it is doable. Everything can be made easier with a solid guideline, and corporate moving is no different. Consider finding reusable moving crates to help you organize and store office items. This can help you with better storage options as well as easier moving. Also, since they are reusable, it means that you will save on future relocations. 

business meeting
Communicate your decisions to the employees ahead of time

Make a solid plan – even if you are in a hurry!

Moving in a short timeframe can make you anxious. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to do everything, making a plan will make you feel much better. It can also make you seem more professional and in control. A corporate move does seem like extra work, but remember – it doesn’t take the same emotional toll as home relocation, for example. You just have to think in terms of good organization and priorities. So take a look at your office space and think about what is most important. Do you know how you will carry your supplies? Can you arrange for plastic moving containers and other packing supplies? What are your realistic possibilities considering time and finances? Do you know what your future office space is going to look like? Ask yourself these and similar questions and write them down. You can even brainstorm this with a trusted colleague or friend. This won’t take long and you will thank yourself later on.

A solid plan can help a lot when you plan a corporate move on short notice

Good organization is key when you plan a corporate move on short notice

A good plan is always a way to go

Taking things step by step can make your corporate move seem easy. Break down the process and watch how it suddenly becomes less stressful. This is also good because you can see the results faster. For example, you can begin having a quick meeting with your team and letting them know about the decision. After that, you can decide how to go with the relocation. Many people can help and therefore the moving can go smoothly and quickly. Professional office movers in HK can be of great assistance.

Be honest and straightforward when talking to your coworkers

Sometimes it is best to say things as they are. Since you have to move in a short time frame, there is not much room for sugar coating. You and your team may have to be more engaged during the next period. This should be stated clearly, but also respectfully. Take your time to ask them about suggestions and possible delays. That way you will have more control over the overall moving plan.

Your coworkers may have a hard time adapting to the new changes, so even though you have to hurry up the process, try to remain calm and keep a good attitude. Remain open to giving a helping hand if needed. You may be surprised at how much you can advance just by having honest discussions. It has been proven that teams and employees in general work better under conditions where they know they are not under extreme pressure, but where they can have a good working atmosphere. Keep this in mind when prioritizing and you will have fewer issues to worry about in the long run.

Remember how happy you will be once the relocation is done with and you have your brand new working space

Some useful tips for a smooth office move

We are sure that you and your teams will figure out some great ideas for the moving process. Even so, we will give you our list of quick tips that can make your office move seem a lot easier.

  • Packing comes first
  • Make moving appointments as quick as you can
  • Delay important meetings
  • Consider your most important documents
  • Find office supply

Last but not least: try to avoid pressure when you plan a corporate move on short notice

Simply put: trust the process. Not everything can be under control, and you may face certain delays or obstacles. In those moments, try to remember that it is not important to have every little detail functioning, but to keep your eye on the big picture. You are, after all, moving in a short timeframe. You cannot expect everything to go as if you had more time. Corporate moving usually has some unexpected details that come up along the way, so be prepared for this and don’t stress too much. It will only make you more anxious and your coworkers possibly more stressed. Everything can be fixed and this relocation is no exception to that rule.

Also remember that while you can plan a corporate move on short notice, you can’t plan everyone’s mood. The best way to handle this will be to have a relaxed attitude about it. Tell yourself that you will deal with the details later, and solve problems as they come along. While you’re at it, take a look at these ideas for your new office to keep you inspired and motivated. And we trust that you will have an easy and smooth corporate move that will leave you feeling accomplished and happy in the end.


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