How to prepare books for long-term storage in Hong Kong

We live in a digital time where we read everything online. But, the good thing is that there are many people out there that still like and enjoy reading books. There is a good chance that you have read a lot of books during the pandemic. The only ‘problem’ with books is that you may use all the space that you have at home. Finding the right storage Hong Kong may be the proper solution for you. You will still keep your books safe but you will have more room for the new ones. But, how to prepare books for long-term storage in Hong Kong? Is there too much to think about? Here are the things that you need to have in mind!

Make sure your books are not covered with food or water

The first and usually the worst mistake is that you do not want to make is storing books with food crumbles and water on them. This will almost always attract mold and that can ruin your entire collection. That is why preventing mold should be your first priority. Yes, you can always find climate-controlled storage but it is not the guarantee that everything will be good. Making sure that your items are clean is the first step towards safe storage!

Find the supplies and prepare books for long-term storage in Hong Kong

Besides cleaning your books, preparing them for storing in HK will require much more than that. Even though you may think that you can place your books in storage without any protection, do not! You can’t always know the actual conditions of the unit before your rent it. That is why adequate protection is necessary here. You should get a couple of items that should make sure your books stay in the same condition like:

  • plastic wrap
  • packing paper
  • plastic boxes
  • cardboard boxes
  • packing tapes

Of course, you may not need or use all of them. These are just all the potential solutions for one problem. If you choose cardboard boxes over plastic ones, make sure they are durable and that they are not damaged.

cardboard boxes are crucial in order to prepare books for long-term storage in Hong Kong
Find durable packing supplies before packing your books

Pack your books for storing long term in HK

Now comes the packing part. Even though you can always use plastic wrap and pack each and every book, there is no need for that if you are renting good long term storage Hong Kong. The best way to pack your books is by placing them vertically. At least when talking about hardcover books. It is all so that they do not lose their shape due to the weight. Each book will support another and you do not have to do much. After that, just seal the box and you are done.

On the other hand, when talking about paper covers, you should place them in flat stacks. It is the only possible way to pack them. But, keep one thing in mind. Fully packed boxes can be heavy so do not overestimate the ability of cardboard to sustain the weight.

Picking the right storage unit is important

Besides packing and preparing the books for Hong Kong storage, you need the right storage unit. It is important to look at them with reliable movers, like ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong, and get the best possible deal. If you go with bad storage units, there is a high chance that your books will not survive, no matter how good you pack them!

a storage facility
Pick a well-maintained storage unit


You should now be able to prepare books for long-term storage in Hong Kong and help them stay in the same condition. Who knows, you may even want to read them again. So, use the tips above and you should be able to do a fine job!

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