How to prepare for relocation from Hong Kong to Canada?

Relocation from Hong Kong to Canada will be a big challenge for you but at the same time a very exciting experience. Moving between two continents will require you to have impeccable organization, an outstanding moving plan, also the always indispensable professional help of the moving company Hong Kong. So, if you were thinking about a DIY move, you can forget about it this time. Because in this case, it’s a very long distance over 5000 miles, and The North Pacific Ocean is right between these two continents, which means that land traffic is almost impossible. This means that you will have to think about many other things, not only about packing. The most important thing is to start your preparation on time. But, since you are reading this text now, consider that the preparations have already begun. And now, let’s go, step by step.

First, before you move consider whether Canada is the right place for you

When it comes to long distances, like relocation from Hong Kong to Canada, you need to be completely sure of your decision, so that later you don’t think you made a mistake. Such a move implies a big change in your life, as well as in the life of your family. This move isn’t at all similar to moving to the next town. And for this reason, you must be absolutely sure that you have made the right decision. So, consider whether Canada is the right place for you. You will find out by getting information about the place you are moving to, but if you are able, visit Canada before you make a final decision.

Happy family in Hong Kong
For the good of your family, make sure you make the right decision.

So, now we will introduce you to some basic details about Canada:

  • Canada is a different, diverse, and multicultural place, where you live and work.
  • This country has one of the best living standards in the world, and it can be called one of the most favorable places to live.
  • The northern part of Canada is very cold, and summer lasts for 2 months.
  • One of the easiest things is to find a job in Canada. After the move, you will have many business opportunities at your disposal.
  • Rental prices are different and depend on the location. The average price of renting an apartment is about $1,700, while the price of renting a family house is about $2,300.
  • Canada can offer you many interesting activities for all generations.

So, when we look a little closer, Canada can be one of the best places to live. We’ve introduced you to some basic details about Canada, but leave room for you to explore the country on your own.

Let’s prepare for relocation from Hong Kong to Canada

This type of moving belongs to the international moving group. As such, it requires much more investment of time, work, and effort than when you move to another city. In order for your move to pass without sudden problems and costs, and in order for you to overcome all the obstacles on this path, you need to prepare well. That’s why we are here, and we will help you prepare for moving to Canada from Hong Kong. Let’s go! First, you need to find a reliable moving company that will be your faithful companion on this journey.

Step 1. Find a reliable moving company for your relocation to Canada

Finding a moving company isn’t an easy and simple job. And as such, it may take some time. There are many ways to find a moving company. For example, you can ask around, you can search based on moving reviews, you can also search the Internet for the best-rated moving companies, etc. But what is important for you to know is that you have to be careful. Because everything online is prone to fraud. This means that when you search based on moving reviews, you can very easily come across fake reviews. Such situations will stress you unnecessarily.

Woman searching for online moving reviews
If you decide to search for companies based on online moving reviews, be careful.

So, when it comes to international moving, you need to look for companies that offer you services that will fulfill all your moving needs. Moving services will be of great use to you during your move. Your chosen moving company will do its best to fulfill all your needs, and will also provide you with the best service. But this is only possible if you make a smart choice. International moving services Hong Kong can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding moving processes, such as moving to Canada, where it is a matter of moving across the ocean. So, choose a smart solution!

Plan your relocation budget

One of the important things when it comes to international moving, such as relocation from Hong Kong to Canada, is budget planning. What is very important is to consider all moving costs that await you during your move. That is why it is very important that you ask your company for moving quotes so, that you know the estimated price of your move. Also, it’s very important to ask if the company offers binding or non-binding estimates. The difference is that a binding estimate tells you the final price of your move, while a non-binding estimate tells you the average or approximate price that can be increased or decreased at the end.

When planning the budget for your move, expect the following costs:

  • Moving Company (Your international moving can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000+)
  • Moving & packing supplies (20 moving boxes of medium size cost about 50 dollars)
  • Fees and taxes
  • Your transportation (airline tickets for you and your family)
  • Transporting a pet
  • Transporting your car
  • Insurance
  • Storage service
  • Visa fees
  • Other costs during the moving process (costs for food, accommodation, etc.)

When we talk about the costs of international moving, it’s very important to know that it will pay you more if you hire a company that will offer you all services in one place. Also, car shipping Hong Kong services will be much more affordable than hiring a special company that will transport your car. Because just for transporting the car, you will have to spend at least $5,000 and at most $40,000.

Organization and a good moving plan are indispensable parts of every move

Organization and a good moving plan are the secrets to every successful move. So, not only when it comes to relocation, but also in every job you do in your life. It’s important to always be organized. More precisely, the organization is based on the organization of time and obligations. When we talk about relocation, you need to organize the time you have available until your final moving day. As well as to schedule all the obligations and tasks you need to do according to that time. But don’t forget to plan your free time as well. Because in such a difficult job, rest is very necessary.

When moving to Canada make a good moving plan, and organize your time.

When it comes to planning, you need to plan your every step. Organization and planning are somewhat similar. It’s just that when we talk about planning, it’s about planning the responsibilities and work you need to do until the final day of your move. Let’s say, when you get to packing, you need to plan and organize that work. Organize the time you have available. Determine how many hours you will spend packing your things. Then make a packing plan. We advise you to SMART packing. With the prior sorting of your belongings as well as the decoration of your home.

How to pack for relocation to Canada from Hong Kong?

Before we reveal to you some useful tips for packing when it comes to international moving, you need to decide what you will move with you. When it comes to such relocations, in most cases, the transport of your items will be carried out by air transport, more precisely by plane. Which can be very expensive if you decide to move all household inventory with you. So, you need to declutter your home. Decide what you really need. Then pack it up. Shipping furniture across the ocean can be a big challenge. But in addition, a large number of companies charge for this kind of service by the number and quantity of things, so this can be really expensive. What’s more, it can cost almost the same as when you make new furniture for your home.

So, if you have decided what you really need and what you will move with you, you can move on to packing. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Use a smart packing system, room by room.
  • Use packing made of durable materials.
  • Make sure your belongings are properly packed and protected.
  • For furniture packing, hire furniture movers Hong Kong.
  • Pack glass, fragile and fragile things separately.
  • Write your name, phone number, and new address on the boxes.

Packing is one of the most difficult tasks that await you. Therefore, during your organization, set aside a few days just for packing.

Prepare all the necessary documentation on time

This is one of the most important things when it comes to moving. You can buy everything else you need, but going back to another continent for forgotten documentation is really a job that will not pay off. In addition, the situation in which you realize that you have forgotten an important document can be very stressful. And moving from Hong Kong to Canada is stressful enough in itself. Therefore, avoid such situations, and start preparing your documentation on time.

Woman packing documents for relocation to Canada
Make sure you have prepared all the necessary documentation for relocation to Canada from Hong Kong.

So, before you start packing, make sure you have collected all the necessary documentation. If you don’t know what you will need for this type of move, we will tell you. So, you need to collect birth certificates for every family member, school and medical records, driver’s license, child custody papers, credit cards, evidence of paid taxes and national fees, visa papers, identity cards, etc.

Pet relocation from Hong Kong to Canada

If you want to move your pet with you, you need to know that not all moving companies carry out pet transport, especially when it comes to such long distances. So, our ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong company can provide you with safe pet transport. Your pets are part of your family and will get the best service during the move. Also, when we talk about moving pets, it can be very demanding. But it will depend on the type of your pet. Let’s say, if it’s dogs or cats, the matter is simpler. What is important to them is that they get their meals on time. And during transport, cats must be in their baskets, while dogs must have appropriate baskets that are placed on their muzzles, and they must always be on a leash.

Pet movers Hong Kong are at your disposal to move your pets as well as their equipment and all other necessary things, including terrariums, aquariums, cages, etc. Also, for your pets, you need to have several important documents, such as health certificates, and confirmation of all received vaccines.

Moving boxes
ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong can take care of moving your belongings as well as your pets.

Countdown to the final day of your relocation

So, what is important is to start preparation for relocation from Hong Kong to Canada on time. It’s very important that you do all the work on time, more precisely, a few days before the final day of your move. That way you will have some time to rest. Trust us, a vacation will do you good. So, use your time wisely, start your preparations on time, and enjoy this great change. Good luck!

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