How to prepare for the moving day when relocating to US from Hong Kong?

Moving internationally is considered to be the most difficult type of relocation. After moving with the moving company Hong Kong, you will have to adjust to life in a completely new environment. But you can worry about that once you finish moving. If you are about to move, you probably wonder how to prepare for moving day. There are so many things to do that you will get lost at some point. That’s why preparation is so important. It will keep you in check when things get tough, and they will. If you want to learn the methods for proper moving preparation, keep on reading.

How to prepare for moving day

If you have just decided that you need or want to move, you will get overwhelmed by the number of things that need to be done. Moving from Hong Kong to USA certainly requires you to prepare for the moving day. We hope that you are here at least three months before your desired moving day. It is unnecessary to say why you need to start so early, so trust us on this one. To prepare properly, you need to:

  • Start saving money
  • Apply for a visa
  • Make copies of important documents
  • Do your research
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Start at least three months in advance

Start saving up

If you think that moving down the street is expensive, you are in for a surprise. Moving internationally is at least 10 times more expensive, due to all the documents and regulations that need to be taken care of. You should have at least 6 months worth of money saved before you even consider moving. Think about everything that has to be paid, some moving service Hong Kong, shipping for your items, the airplane tickets, etc.

Apply for a visa

Apart from having a valid passport, you also need a visa. The majority of countries require you to have a visa before you can enter the country, and your case is no different. This should be done at least three months in advance since it takes time for you to get it. After you send all of the required documents, you can expect to wait for at least a few weeks for an answer.

Make copies of important documents

Even though the passport and visa are the most important, you will most likely need more documents. The birth certificate, driver’s license, and marriage certificate are just some of them. Since you are moving with some international movers Hong Kong, you will for sure have these original documents with you. Places that require these documents usually ask for copies, and it can be inconvenient to find a place to copy a document sometimes. To prevent that, get a copy ahead of time, just in case.


As we stated before, moving to another country includes living in another environment, surrounded by a different culture. To avoid culture shock, investigate as much as you can about the country that you are moving to. In USA, you might be shocked by the variety of food products available and how little vacation time you will get from your employer. Another thing you should learn more about is whether your pets need to be in quarantine after moving, or whether they need to get certain vaccines to be able to enter the country.

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Research as much as you can before you prepare for the moving day

Conclusion on how to prepare for the moving day

When you start to prepare for the moving day, try not to panic. If you start on time and keep a steady pace of doing things, you will have plenty of time to finish everything. With the right preparation, you will approach moving day confident and happy. We wish you good luck!

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