How to prepare your car before the move?

It is crucial to prepare your car before the move properly. No matter how long you will drive and which challenges you will face. When it comes to the challenges, some of them cannot be predicted. The only thing that matters is to have a car that won’t let you down. If you have decided to ship your car when moving to Canada from Hong Kong, the situation is even more serious. Do not relax thinking that your job is done here. You still need to prepare it for a long trip.

There are different instructions for preparing the car for the move. While for some people it presumes cleaning and removing the trash from the cabin, for others there is much more to it. You should plan to do basic maintenance, empty the gas tank, and wash it inside out. Also, you should prepare documents, which is one of the most important tasks.

Old car
It is very important to protect your car when organizing relocation

Prepare your car before the move like a pro

When shipping companies prepare the car for moving, they do it following a special procedure. It is very important to consider the condition of the car and other details. While you may want to service it beforehand, it is highly advisable to contact the moving company for more instructions.

  • If you want to prepare your car before the move you should start with the safety measures. Safety is always in first place and people in Kwun Tong storage know it – so, do not forget to ask them for advice.
  • Make sure to budget for the car shipping services.
  • Have all the documents and permits in order.
  • Before starting with the preparation you should check all problems, scratches, and damage that your car may have – and fix whatever you can.

Hire a moving company

The easiest and the most practical way to prepare your car for moving is to hire a company. They have professionals that can easily organize your relocation. Also, you can rely on them if want to make the complete relocation faster. The price does not need to be a problem. Professional companies like ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong have affordable prices for excellent service.

Service your car

You should not start with the preparation or plan a long journey unless your service your car first. Do not forget to mention that you will ship or drive your car long distance. They have a procedure for those situations. Maybe they will need to delay shipping until they fix the problem or purchase the car part.

Wash the car

It may sound like an unnecessary cost and effort, but you should clean your car before shipping it. It will be parked in a large container. Also, it is a kind of practical solution. You will easily recognize your car when it is clean and tidy.

Take out all the items

We have a bunch of items in our cars, it’s a fact. It includes papers, plastic bags or pencils, and flayers that we lost below the seats. All the above you need to remove from the cabin. Not only will you have a cleaner car, but some of those things could damage the car from the inside.

Washed car
Washing is one of the ways to prepare your car before the move

Small repairs are important if you want to prepare your car before the move properly

Even before short-distance traveling, you need to check the condition of your car and repair it. When it comes to it, you need to check even the smallest scratches and damage. In that way, you will be able to clearly communicate to the shipping company.

Note down all visible defects

Firstly, you need to check your car for the scratches, dents and any other problems. Also, you will need to check the condition of the cabin. It is very important if there is any damage to the seats or on the instrument panel.

Change the oil

You should not forget to change the oil in the car when preparing before the move. It is for sure that you will travel longer, and days after moving are stressful itself. You may not have the time for those small reparations and checks.

Disable alarm

People forget about those small, but crucial problems that may happen during shipping. Although it is recommended to remove or disconnect the battery, sometimes you need to leave it connected. However, do not forget that the alarm could be seriously annoying and there is nobody that can fix it on the ship.

Bonus tips

Although shipping companies have a procedure to protect and park your car properly, you should not rely completely on them. You can also prepare your car to be parked longer and pay attention to possible problems. Also, the shipping company has its rules which you need to know before moving. People at the company will provide all answers and explanations.

New car
You should check all parts of the car for damage and scratches

Check tires

Tires sustain the greatest pressure. You cannot make their lives longer, but you can relieve the pressure when they are parked in a shipping container. Firstly learn how to protect tires from cracking. Check their condition, pressure, rotation. Leave them at the lowest parking level.

Prepare a car for transport

Although you will need to leave the car with fuel in the gas tank, you should not fill the tank. If you want to prepare your car before the move you should pay attention to safety. Also, lock the doors, but leave the keys to the agent. They will maybe need to park or move the car during the shipping. Hopefully our our tips will be helpful for your upcoming move. Good luck with your relocation and stay safe!

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