How to prepare your furniture for long-term storage in Hong Kong

There are many reasons why people rent a storage unit. The most common one is relocation, that is, you need somewhere to store your items until you finish moving. On the other hand, many people decide to keep their seasonal or rarely used items in such a unit. Whether you are simply decluttering or moving out of Hong Kong, you need to know how to prepare your furniture for long-term storage. You don’t want to open your unit after a few months and find your things ruined. So, implement our tips and your items will remain intact for a long time!

Find the right unit when you prepare your furniture for long-term storage

Storage units are the best option for keeping your furniture safe and protected. However, you should consider what your needs are before renting a unit in Kwun Tong storage. First of all, think about the number of your items. The size of your unit will depend on the number of things you want to place in it. If you get a unit that is too small, you will end up cramming your things inside. On the other hand, a unit that is too big will only be an unnecessary expense.

A phone and money used to prepare your furniture for long-term storage.
Don’t throw money around – plan your budget and try to stick to it.

Another thing to consider is whether the unit has climate control. This is a very important factor if you have wooden or leather furniture, as these materials need low humidity and a specific temperature.

Clean everything before you pack

When you start to prepare your furniture for long-term storage, you should begin by cleaning it. If you store items while they are dirty, it can significantly lower their lifespan. Instead, wipe each piece with a damp cloth. For any leather pieces, use a cleaner that is suitable for that material. For wooden tables and chairs, use a wood cleaner to polish it. However, you need to let each piece dry out completely before putting it in storage. If you don’t, you risk mold and mildew in the storage unit ruining them.

A leather bar chair.
Leather is especially sensitive to moisture – it can crack or fade.

Disassemble when you prepare your furniture for long-term storage

To make it easier to carry each piece into the storage, you should disassemble it beforehand. For example, bed frames are usually detachable, so take them apart as much as you can. Remove the table legs and pack them close to the tabletop. Also, take out any drawers from dressers or cabinets. Just remember to keep all the screws and nuts you take out in a Ziploc bag, so as not to lose them.

A wooden chair and table.
Write down how you disassembled your furniture so that you can put it together again more easily.

Put some thought into placing the furniture in the unit

After you prepare your furniture for long-term storage, it’s time to place it in the unit. Before you do, place a sheet of plastic on the floor to prevent your items from getting dirty. Next, place all larger pieces against a wall to support them. If there are some items that you will need sooner than others, place them closer to the door of your unit. Finally, leave an aisle in the middle of your items so that you can reach everything easily and without having to take everything out.

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