How To Prepare Your Items for Storage

Storage units are a very useful tool for expanding your storage space. Most people see it as an option only when moving, but it is much more flexible than that. After trying it once, many go back to it, so 9% of the American population rents a unit. That is over 10 million households. If you are about to move with a moving company Hong Kong, maybe it’s your first time doing this, so you will need all the tips you can get. Preparation is also important here, and you are in the right place to learn how to prepare your items for storage.

What are some useful things to keep in mind before you prepare your items for storage?

Putting items into storage might seem straightforward, you pack them up and leave them there for as much as you need. The first thing you need to put effort into is:

  1. Finding storage Hong Kong companies that you can trust
  2. Getting to know all the requirements of the items that you plan to store
  3. Using proper packing materials and techniques

With this in mind, we can now go into more depth on preparing your items for storage. No matter how much time you plan to store them, they will be safe there.

Picture of stacked cardboard boxes
When you want to prepare your items for storage, you need to keep a few things in mind

Find proper units for the items that you need to store

Not every item has the same requirements, and not every storage unit is the same. And since many companies offer storage and moving services, how are you supposed to find the right one? The easiest solution would be to have local movers Hong Kong that offer both services. A rule of thumb for any item is to store it in a clean, dry unit that is free of pests. Special items like antiques, electronics, and art pieces benefit greatly from climate-controlled units, which cost more than regular ones, around $190 a month.

Clean your items and protect them

Since your items will be in storage for some time, they will accumulate dust. This is your last option to clean them, so use it. An all-surface cleaner is good for most items, while wooden items need a special cleaner. Once you are done, make sure that the items are completely dry before proceeding. Furniture pieces and other bulky items should only be covered with a cotton sheet, while you can pack other smaller items in boxes. Clothes and other fabric should be also packed completely dry, with some sort of moth repellent. Commercial products are expensive and harmful to your health, the environment, and certain fabrics. So, without a doubt, the DIY approach is better here.

Picture of a person trying to prepare your items for storage
Cleaning is the first thing that you should do

Hiring a reputable moving company for your move will give you time to prepare your items for storage properly

Preparation takes time, and if you want to prepare your items for storage, the time to do this will greatly depend on the number of items you want to store. Decluttering is in order, which will help you decrease your inventory when moving with the help of some moving services Hong Kong and the needed size of the storage unit. We wish you good luck!

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