How to prepare your pets for moving abroad

Moving abroad is a complex process and not an easy task. When it comes to pets, certain regulations apply to them. Like people, pets need to have proper documents even for traveling, let alone moving. However, the purpose of those documents is not the same as for humans. At least not exactly. For everything to be in perfect order, and to avoid stress from trying to prepare your pets for moving abroad, it’s recommended you contact professional pet movers in Hong Kong.

people moving abroad
Moving abroad is a big step for you and your family as well as your pets.

Why do you need to prepare your pets for moving abroad?

There are two main reasons why you need to prepare your pets for moving abroad, and both are protecting animal likelihood and safety. The main reasons are to prevent:

  • transmission of diseases
  • illegal animal trafficking

Both of those reasons greatly benefit animals and you should ensure your pets have proper identification and medical documents. There isn’t a universal ruleset regarding pets moving across borders but there is a serious attempt towards it. This means that it may depend on the country you are moving to what you will need exactly. Make sure you do your research before moving. If anything remains unclear, a professional moving service in Hong Kong will provide the best advice and guide you according to your special needs.

Making sure your pet’s documents are in order will ensure border control goes without issue. However, to be completely sure your furry friends are not stressed from the whole process, there’s more you can do. Professional movers in Hong Kong will ensure that your pet is comfortable, moving in a climatized vehicle. While you are doing all in your control, borders can always be unpredictable. Knowing you are prepared for any scenario will reduce the amount of stress for you or your pet.

Proof of identity

Like humans, animals have passports too. They contain important vaccination info and are required to pass borders. In addition to passports, the EU, for example, requires all animals crossing borders to be micro-chipped. This proves that the passport of your pet is truly theirs. It ensures your pet is no danger to others by not carrying any infectious diseases and protects animals from being illegally trafficked. You need to ensure all the requirements are met to prepare your pets for moving abroad.

Red-haired puppy
Your pets will appreciate giving them best care when moving abroad.

Vaccination certificates

Different countries may require your pets to have vaccines against specific diseases depending on the part of the world you are moving to. They will ask for some almost anywhere, such as a vaccine against rabies. Still, do your research and consult professional help to best prepare your pets for moving abroad.

Once you are informed and understand which vaccines your pets need for moving, contact your vet. Discuss the pet vaccines with them. Ask the vet if there are any side effects and how you should best prepare for them. Most vaccines will have a delayed immune reaction, so allowing the reaction to complete will help your pets not experience any side effects while moving.

Taking care of the health of your pet should not end with vaccination, though. Performing a general health check on your pets before the vaccination might be a good idea. Your vet might suggest this on their own, especially if your pets’ general health check was due soon. If that’s not the case, don’t stress to ask your vet for another early check just to make sure. You can never be too prepared.


Acclimation is an important process for anyone’s transition and your pets are no different. You try to be informed and educated about the process to avoid any surprises, but your pets need to go a different route. Prepare your pets for moving abroad by understanding their specific needs and potential issues.

Comfortable transport will reduce stress, but not every animal is the same. Birds might be used to being inside cages, but some other animals might be entering the pet carrier for the first time. If you haven’t traveled abroad with your pets before, this might be the first time for your cat or your dog. They might suddenly get claustrophobic if they don’t learn to trust that it means nothing bad. Try getting a carrier sometime before the moving day and try to make your pet get used to it. Seeing your face each time after being inside for a while will help them develop their trust.

Passport and a toy airplane
Just like humans, pets need the right documents to cross borders.

Another type of acclimation is the one that comes after moving. Moving into a new home might already be strange for your pets, especially moving abroad. Except for you and your family, everything will be new for them. Dogs and cats will have to interact with their new surroundings and it will take some time to understand they are in a new home. Some others might have other issues. Some animals might react to the climate, for instance. Knowing what to expect is key to understanding what your pets are trying to say if they start acting strange. Talk to your vet about what you should expect and try to look up other people’s experiences. It will help you stay calm and help your pets acclimate and stay healthy.

Trusting professional help with moving pets abroad

As you probably understand clearly now, there are many important angles to consider. No details should be overlooked and the best way to ensure this is to hire professional help. You are usually allowed to have your pet transported without you, but you will probably want to schedule it for the same day. In case you are traveling separately, you need to sign a form entrusting professional staff to transport your pet for you. This will leave you out of any potential waiting and the border regarding your pet. However, some people prefer staying close. It’s all about reducing stress.

Think about the tips you see here and try to plan out each step carefully. Take enough time to acquire all you need and educate in detail. Consult professional staff for guidance each step of the way. Prepare your pets for moving abroad with the love and care they deserve.

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