How to prevent mold in storage units

Moving will be one of the most favorite experiences that you ever been through. In order to achieve that, you will have to invest a lot of effort. When moving, inevitable is to store things. But, you must pay attention and prevent mold in storage units.

Why is storing important?

In the process of moving, there is nothing more important than preserving your belongings. What will you have to do? The first thing is first, insure your belongings. How can you do that? Well, the answer to that question is “find storage“. If you are planning to move to Hong Kong, we can offer you our storage Hong Kong. Our storage has the best conditions that storage has to have. It doesn’t matter if you need storage services long-term or short-term. Our concern is to keep your belongings safe. Storage units that we own are completely free of insects, rats, and other pests. We apply measures to prevent mold in storage units. That is of the biggest importance to us. Because we want to make you a satisfied customer.

-storage units
Storage is the safest way to protect your belongings while moving

Packing before storing

Storing things while moving has to be done it the right way. The best thing for you is to confide this job to professionals. In the meantime, you are about to move to Hong Kong. Our moving company can help you with this process. Important thing is to arrange packing supplies Hong Kong. We are developing this service for quite some time. Our experts are highly trained in packing. Making sure that nothing is missing in the process of moving, we are acquiring the best packing materials. They are made of long-endurance materials. Every protecting material serves to prevent mold in storage units.

Packing material is various :

  • moving boxes,
  • polyvinyl sheets,
  • bags,
  • protecting shrink wrap, etc

Tips on how to prevent mold in storage units

There are many ways to protect your belongings in the process of moving. This is vital especially if you are moving long-distance. Moving long-distance you will have to change different kinds of transportation. Your belongings can be exposed to many dangers. But, there is something that you can do yourself in order to prevent mold in storage units. Here are some tips:

  • Inspect your things
  • Check out the storage unit
  • Arrange adequate packing for your things
  • Measure the level of moisture
  • Don’t put anything on the floor

Inspect your things-prevent mold in storage units

Before confiding storing to professional, there are some things that you can do yourself. Because the moving company can be only responsible for their services. For example, if the damage of four things occurs because you gave them furniture that already has moths or mold, the devastation of that furniture can not be their responsibility. You need to be aware of that. So, before they come, inspect your belongings. There is nothing worse than to have mold. Inspect your things for mold and remove it. That will be easy because moldy things have a specific smell which is not so pleasant. Take action and prevent mold in storage units.

-blue sofa
Inspection of your things helps

Check out the storage unit

Before your things enter the storage facilities, please check them as well. You will need to search for signs of moisture and damp. These signs can appear on the ceiling or in the corner of the walls closer to the floor. If the storage has that kind of signs, talk to the movers and let them find a solution for that problem. Because it is easier to prevent than to heal. They need to find a way to prevent mold in storage units. You are a responsible client.

-prevent mold in the storage units
Don’t let mold ruin your moving- prevent mold in the storage units

Arrange adequate packing for your things

Packing differs from item to item. Not everything can be packed in the same way. For instance, you can wrap furniture into polyvinyl sheets and make sure that sheets have no wholes. But, you can not pack artwork or glass coffee table in the same way. It needs to be packed very carefully with spongy fillers and wrapped with shrink wrap and tightened up gently with ropes. Pay special attention to prevent mold in storage units.

Measure the level of moisture-prevent mold in storage units

By measuring the level of moisture you can get the moisture to the acceptable level. Leveling down can be accomplished by bags of silica gel, by folding the windows into aluminum folie, so the warm air inside the storage units can not create the condensation. Condensation creates damp and moisture. The best thing is to find climate-controlled storage units. Contacts us and will help you with this. Our storage is fully equipped and clean. There is no need to care and think about how to prevent mold in storage units.

Don’t put anything on the floor

The first rule about getting you moving boxes and wrapped furniture into storage units is not to put them on the floor! The moisture comes from the ground and with capillary lines, it fills the walls with condensate water. But, how to prevent that scenario? We are going to put wooden or plastic pallets and arrange them on the floor. So, when we come with the moving truck and start unloading it, boxes and all the furniture are going to be aligned on the pallets.

They will be safe and sound from moisture and mold. As you can see, there are tips and tricks in order to prevent mold in storage units. But, if you do that yourself, you won’t have time for other important things like worrying about your deadlines or spending time with your family. Let us do the work for you. We have routine and experience.


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