How to protect both properties before moving?

Most people find it hard to protect both properties before moving. Although it’s one of the worst case scenarios, everyone’s hoping for the best when moving.. You should pay attention to the property that you leave behind as well as to your new one. It could be very challenging when moving to Canada from Hong Kong  to make arrangements for both properties. Luckily, there are great options to protect both properties and have a great experience along the way.

You should not be alone in that job, though. There are a lot of agencies and companies that could help you. Most of those that specialize in long-distance moving can recommend other related services. On one hand, you should care about the protection of the furniture and valuable items. On the other, you should make sure that nothing happens to you and your homes.

Living room
It is important to protect both properties before moving

 Steps to protecting both properties before moving

Although you may not have many chances to visit your new home before moving day, you should make sure to do everything you can to prevent dents, scratches and dirt to your walls and floors.

  • Luckily with the best moving company in Hong Kong you will be able to keep your items in good condition while moving. Being skilled and experienced they know the best moving practices.
  • Fix any pending issue before your leave, especially if someone else is moving in immediately afterwards.
  • If you have a good relationship with your neighbors – they can check your house from time to time;
  • You should pay attention to all details in these situations like the size of the house and how to protect it properly. Measure everything twice, especially if you will be dealing with large and bulky furniture and appliances.

Clean the property

Although it is not the first thing that will cross your mind before international moving, you should clean both home thoroughly. It presumes to throw away the items that you do not use anymore and keep only needed pieces of furniture. It would be hard to organize packing with the piles of unnecessary stuff around the house.

Repair any existing damage in the house

You should not forget that your old home is going to be someone else’s home, so make sure to leave it in good condition. It can be dangerous to leave some pending repair works while no one’s leaving there. Faulty wires and plumbing can cause a lot of damage unless you tackle those issues on time. However, nobody will be able to check for the problems when you are not there. Also, you can remove all furniture and put it in Smart storage for as long as your need it.

Have someone pay a visit to the old home

It would be best to have a person that will pay a visit to the house while you are away and inform you about the potential problems. You can hire a professional, but it would be better if you can assign that task to a reliable person. If you have a good relationship with the neighbors, you can ask them for a favor. They will inform you about all  the issues and take care of small repairs if needed.

Protect both properties before moving for a carefree relocation

There are a lot of things that you should take care of when protecting your home. The old home demands longer and more careful preparation. However, the new home is important, too. You should not forget that you will live there soon. No one wants to move into a new home just to find out that floors and walls have been damaged on moving day. So, make sure that you have the knowledge and the right strategy to protect your new property.

Check your contract

Make sure you are aware of all problems that your future home might have. You should be able to check it before buying. However, there are small issues with the installation that you can see or notice later. The lease contract should have all the information and the name of the person that is responsible for fixing them. Having said that, you should also be honest about the condition of your home. 

Be honest about the condition of your old home before renting or selling it

Security deposit

If you are leaving a rental, you should be able to recover your security deposit if no damage was made to the property while you were living there. The same goes for a new property – make sure to inspect it thoroughly and document already existing issues that were caused by the previous renters.


Inspection before buying or renting a house is crucial for successfully protecting both properties before moving. You should learn easy home installation hacks and do it before signing a contract. When know about the potential weaknesses of your home, you would be able to prepare for solving them as they appear.

Are there any warning signs?

You surely already know about the problems that may happen when buying a new home. However, reading and learning about them is not enough. There are details that people do not know about. Most of the issues are out of your control. So, you should listen to professionals and their advice about protecting the home.

Although you will check the condition of the installation, some problems are more important and dangerous than others. So, make sure electricity or gas installation are working properly. You can have serious problems later, so check it in advance.

Insurance could save you when unexpected problems happen


It is best to have insurance before moving into the new house. Not only will it protect both properties before moving, but you will be covered in the future. You should cover both properties in this case and make sure that owners know about it.

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