How to remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget

Remodeling an apartment is often a necessary step after moving. You can hardly find an apartment that is just to your liking and all you need to do is to move in. However, as relocation is not cheap, you might not have a huge budget for remodeling. Well, a good thing is that you don’t need a lot of money. It’s better to have a bigger moving budget and hire moving service Hong Kong than to spend a lot of money on your new apartment right away. For this reason, here are tips for how to remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget.  

What are the ways to remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget?  

There is a couple of ways to remodel your new apartment but not all of them might be for a tight budget. You can always hire contractors just like you hire moving companies HK for your move. However, contractors are often too expensive and hard to find. For this reason, the better option would be to do it alone. Additionally, you don’t have to be a professional handyman to make small changes in your apartment. For this reason, if you want to remodel an apartment on a budget, you can do the following. 

  • Ask your landlord   
  • Clean an apartment  
  • Paint the walls  
  • Hang pictures or mirrors  
  • Add a bookshelf  
  • Change the lightning  
  • Upgrade your front door  

Cleaning your new apartment should be the first step in your renovation  

Cleaning your new apartment should always be the first step whatever you are just going to move in or before remodeling. Even if the apartment looks clean at the first sight, you should still wash floors, clean windows, and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Trying to remodel a dirty apartment is not a good idea. For this reason, before your pet movers Hong Kong arrive at your new apartment, you should start cleaning it. Additionally, cleaning an empty apartment is pretty easy and it won’t take long. If you are renting an apartment, you should then consult with your landlord first about remodeling.  

cleaning the floor
A clean home is a good start

Painting the walls is a good idea when you remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget

Painting the walls is not that hard and it’s a good way to personalize your new home after moving. You can also play with different textures or add wallpaper. Aside from painting the walls, you can also add pictures, paintings, or mirrors. This will definitely give a new feeling to your apartment. If your apartment is small, you should choose lighter colors to open the space more 

You should change the lighting  

There are many different ideas for changing the lighting in your living room. Just a strategically placed small lamp can make a huge difference when it comes to the atmosphere of the room. Also, buying lamps won’t affect your budget much. If you combine it with a new carpet, you have an entirely new room.  

remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget with a lamp in the corner
Pay attention to the lighting since it will make a big difference

You should install a bookshelf in your new apartment  

Installing a bookshelf is a good way to remodel your Hong Kong apartment on a budget. You can find affordable bookshelves in the stores that are easy to assemble by yourself. Also, if you are remodeling an apartment on a budget, you should focus on one room that you use the most. 

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