How to remove mold from walls in Hong Kong

Are you thinking about moving to Hong Kong? This beautiful city is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. So it’s not surprising if you find a home or apartment that fits your tastes and budget but has a slight problem. Due to the population number, as well as small crowded apartments, the newly built apartments can be quite expensive. Leaving smaller, older apartments for those that can’t afford to spend a lot of money on rent. Sometimes it happens that you will need to remove mold from walls or work on them a little before moving in. So how to remove mold from walls in Hong Kong and do it properly?

What do you need to know before moving to Hong Kong?

Before you even contact and inquire about any moving service Hong Kong movers can provide you with, there are some basic things you should know. The number f people living here is around 7 291 600 according to the census(August 11th). Due to so many people and so little space, there are huge prices even for the smallest apartments. Add on top of all of that high moisture in the air and do you know what it equals? Mold. Can you and should you remove mold from walls alone?

While you remove mold from walls it's a good idea to stay in a hotel or friends home.
Staying out of the home while you work to remove mold from walls is a nice idea. You can stay in a hotel, with friends and family.

We do recommend you use professional help when moving here. Especially if you are moving from abroad. You can use the international moving company Hong Kong residents highly recommend and enjoy your days while they help you move. Their workers are professionals that were highly experienced in their field of work. They are known to handle every situation that can occur in the process of moving. And that is one of the most important things you should look for when moving. Knowing your move is progressing safely will give you plenty of time to concentrate and remove mold from walls.

Know your mold before you attempt to remove it

Whenever there is more moisture, especially in confined rooms with low ventilation there is probably mold as well. Although it can appear everywhere, mold is usually found on walls, floors, and ceilings of your homes. Although it doesn’t mean that mold will always appear there, there are some places that are easily prone to developing it. For example, basements and bathrooms have the highest mold appearance rate. And if you decided that shipping furniture to Hong Kong was the best course of action you better remove the mold before the furniture arrives.

Although most molds are harmless to people, some if left alone over longer time periods can become toxic. Usually, the things mold causes can range from asthma and allergies all the way up to respiratory problems. If you have small children or elderly people living with you then you will need to remove mold from walls as soon as possible. Mold comes in a range of shapes and colors that dont really help people differentiate their species. For example, there is black, white, green, or blue mold, and even some with a mixture of all of these colors.

  • Black mold
  • White mold
  • Blue and green mold
Mold in a ceramic studio
Due to high humidity, there is always mold around and in ceramic and pottery studios.

Black mold

In homes that have excessive water damage, people usually find black mold. Although the mold itself is not harmful it is known to produce mycotoxins.  Mycotoxins are another story. They can actually be harmful to people and their pets. Of course, this is dependent on the type of mold in question but still when you remove mold from walls be careful.

White mold

White mold is often mixed up with efflorescence. It can be found in damp but cool places. The best examples of places where it appears the most are basements. Efflorescence is due to water and is actually a mineral deposit. In order to make sure if it’s mold or not you can use water. Lightly spray it with water and if it dissolves it is not mold.

Blue and green mold

When you remove mold from walls you will sometimes notice there is blue mold. This is also one of the most common colors of mold. Usually found in bathroom walls and ceilings due to the moisture left after steamy showers. It is nothing to worry about and can be removed easily.

What do you need in order to remove mold from walls?

Removing mold is important. If you dont it will spread even more. And although it may not be any harm to it in the beginning over time as it grows it can become a hazard. So dont just sit and watch it. You can ask for professional help by contacting ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong has to offer. Or choose to do it yourself. Even if it is not a big inconvenience at the start the smell it causes is still unpleasant. So before you start to remove mold from walls there are some things you will need.

  1. N-95 respirator
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Rubber gloves
  4. Safety glasses
  5. Scrub brush
  6. Vacuum
  7. Window fan
  8. Garbage bags
  9. Bleach
  10. Heavy-duty cleaner
  11. Painter’s tape
  12. Plastic sheeting
Bleach on the shelp in a store
The best way to remove mold is to spray it with bleach. Almost all mold removers have some bleach in them.

Start cleaning

Before you start removing mold from walls, make sure you wear old clothes. It’s best to pick something you can throw away without even thinking. Wear respirators as well as gloves and goggles for added safety. Use a window fan in order to ventilate the room while you work. It’s best to use an old one or buy a cheap one because they are almost impossible to clean and are ready to be thrown away after use for these purposes.

Remove all moldy furniture(carpets, curtains, chairs) and seal off the infected area. Cover the door and all of the air ducts with plastic and tape. Probe walls by impaling them with a screwdriver in order to see if the insides are infected. Vacuum the mold debris around you and off the floor. Afterward using a mold cleaner scrub all of the surfaces. A mixture that is the best is one-quart water and 1/2 cup bleach. Gently rubbing it over infected services will remove mold. But dont rinse it!

Professional cleaners?

Can you hire professionals to remove the mold? Of course, you can. But should you? Many people get shocked when looking at the prices some of these companies have. And in our opinion, it is not always worth it. Sometimes when dealing with less mold you can easily manage it yourself. The only time we think that you might actually need them is when there is too much mold, the mold is actually harmful or when you dont have time to do it yourself. It is always nice to know that you dont have to remove mold from walls by yourself, but not everyone can afford it. Hong Kong is a pricy city to live in.

Man looking up prices for profesional cleaners
You can always look up online companies for mold removal. Among them, you might find some that are more affordable.

How to prevent mold from appearing again?

Mold is something that can always come back. As long as the reasons it first appeared are not dealt with you will probably be in a situation where you will need to clean it again. That means that there still is a way to prevent it! So after you remove mold from walls make sure you dont have to do it again. Not only from walls but floors and items as well.

Lower humidity

After you remove the mold and contact the right movers Hong Kong it’s time to make sure that the mold won’t come back. To start things off the most important thing is to lower the humidity. Usually, this is where air conditioners as well as dehumidifiers play a big role. There are even some devices you can buy that will help you track the humidity in the air. Not only that but having nice air circulation will also go a long way. Fans and vents are nice options.

A man instaling air conditioner
Use air conditioning to make sure the air is not too humid.

If there are any leaks in your home, fix them as soon as possible. And if by chance you have a flood or broken pipe make sure you dry your home as fast as possible afterward. You can go even a step further and use a mold cleaner in your everyday bathroom cleaning routine.

Storage services for your sensitive items

While you are moving, you will need extra space where to put all of your belonging until you can move in. Why is that necessary? Because removing mold from walls is a process that will last a couple of days surely. And the walls need to dry out. Hong Kong’s high level of humidity can make the whole process of drying last a bit longer. So it can take a couple of days to dry completely. So arrange Kwun Tong storage which has ideal conditions for keeping your belongings safe until you can move in. Only a professional moving company can provide you with safe storage space. Protection from mold, moisture, and damage is guaranteed.

You will need time to remove mold and be sure that it never shows again. So concentrate on how to remove mold. Leave the moving process to professionals. Nothing can be done correctly if you are thinking about millions of things. The movers will take care of your belongings and the whole moving process and you will take care of your walls.

Pack safely and have time to remove mold from walls

Removing mold from walls is essential if you need to move in. Mold can be very dangerous for human health. And that is why it should be removed. You need to protect your walls and make sure that mold never shows up again. You won’t have time to pack in the right way. That is why you need professional packing services Hong Kong which will do all the packing for you so you can have time to deal with mold. It is very important that you focus on removing it. And let your moving partner take care of packing.

Their experts know how to choose the right moving supplies for you. Their skills and experience will provide safety because they have passed training for safe packing and relocation. Relying on their help won’t be a mistake. It takes time to remove mold and be sure that it will not show up again. Pick the right brushes and try not to damage the walls. Take care of your health and the health of your family.

Wall with black mold at the bottom
If you notice mold on your walls dont wait! Remove it as fast as possible and stop it from spreading.

Create a healthy living environment after you move

Mold is very dangerous as we mentioned earlier in the text. That is why it needs to be removed. Do not neglect the danger. Clean your walls with water and soap, then use bleach. Before you paint the walls they need to be completely dry. But, in the meantime hire professional movers for moving to Hong Kong.

You cannot do everything on your own. Yes, you can remove mold from walls by yourself. But leave moving duties to professional moving companies that have dedicated their work to your safety during relocation. Nothing else matters to them, only your safety, the safety of your belongings, and your satisfaction.

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