How to reward movers for a job well done

Moving entails a lot of hard work. It’s a stressful project, and that’s why many people make smart decisions when hiring pros for assistance. Movers work hard to carry out your move smoothly. They take worries and a lot of workload off your shoulders. It’s a common predicament to think that just because you’re paying for the services, you don’t have to show your appreciation to the people delivering them. In fact, it’s considered proper etiquette to reward movers for a job well done. These are the people who you trust with your belongings after all. So, if you’re happy with your movers’ performance, here are a few handy tips from ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong, to help you express your gratitude.

Things you could do to reward your movers for a job well done

You’ve booked your moving services and the day of your move has arrived. Besides the many ways you could reward your movers for a job well done, you can show you care to make the process smooth on your part from the get-go. You should be available at the moving site to answer potential questions, provide your movers with refreshments and allow them to use your restroom. These are small details that can drastically boost the morale of your moving partners. They will surely appreciate your effort to make their job easier. Once the job is done, here are a few decent suggestions that will help you show your gratitude:

  • A post-moving rest over drinks or lunch
  • A personal note
  • Some generous tip
  • Praise your movers to their boss
A simple and effective way to reward your movers for a job well done is to treat them with some lunch and refreshments

Invite your movers for some proper rest after the move is done

Once you’ve moved into your new place, the most obvious way to show your gratitude and courtesy to your movers is to invite them to have some rest. Your pet movers Hong Kong work hard to move you and your family safely and smoothly. Hence, consider turning this event into a memorable experience for both parties. After all the heavy lifting, they will welcome the opportunity to wind down a bit, before they get on the road again. Treating them with cold refreshments or some lunch, like a pizza or inexpensive takeout is a nice and decent gesture. Or, have a relaxing grill party in your new courtyard, to create a long-lasting memory of your moving-in day. This is a great way to reward movers for a job well done, and with a little effort on your side, some of them will remember your kindness for years.

A personal ‘Thank You’ note as a token of appreciation

A written note of gratitude is always a special thing. If you’re the thoughtful sort, consider writing one for each worker in the team that helped you move. It’s the most personable way to express your gratitude for the job well done, and your movers will most certainly appreciate it.

A handwritten thank you note - reward movers for a job well done
A personal thank you note and a positive online review are great ways to express appreciation

Tipping is a foolproof way to reward movers for a job well done

Tipping your movers works on the same principle as tipping a waiter when you’re impressed with their service. Similarly, a good mover will always try their best to exceed your expectations with their work. From thoughtful planning, meticulous organization, to lifting heavy furniture and car shipping Hong Kong, the best mover you can get will always strive to cover all areas of your move and make it a simple project for you. Thus, why not reward your movers for their great efforts with a tip? Consider the complexity of your move, and the quality of service to decide on the amount. Tipping your movers isn’t mandatory. However, it’s good etiquette, and a simple way to express your gratitude. If you decide to reward movers for a job well done with a tip, the general consensus directs towards at least 20$.

Praise your movers to their boss or write an online review

When it comes to showing your appreciation to your movers, nothing beats praising them to their boss. This will let them know that they’ve hired a good worker. Besides, it will prompt them to reward the movers in their own way. Also, writing an online review about your positive moving experience will help their business grow. This will mean a lot for your movers, and it costs you nothing more than few minutes of your spare time.

To sum up, these tips will give you a good idea of how to reward movers for a job well done. Your words, a smile, and a sincere thank you have immense power. Never underestimate them, and let your movers know if you’re happy with their work. Besides, if you’re particularly impressed with their service, you can come up with a nice gesture to express it. For that, follow our tips above, and you’ll never fall short of ways to do so. Good luck.

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