How to safely pack liquids for a move?

Packing all your belongings in the process of moving your household is probably one of the trickiest tasks. Things tend to get even more complicated if you are thinking about moving liquid items as well. Poorly protected liquid items can cause a big mess and a real danger on the road. In order to avoid this scenario, this article will present you with some tips that you might find helpful. After reading this you’ll be able to safely pack liquids for a move and prevent the damage. You can find more information on preparing for your upcoming move here on Relo Smart Movers Hong Kong. Proper packing will not only save your liquids but also ensure your time and money are not wasted.

A small bottle used for safely packing liquids for a move
Use smaller plastic bottles specially designed for packing cosmetics and perfumes for travel.

Sorting out your liquids, what should and shouldn’t be moved

It is very important to sort the liquids before packing them. Some of the liquid items in your household are probably not worth being packed and transported. As you can always simply buy them after you move. By doing that you are also avoiding paying additional transportation costs. You should also be aware of the fact that most of the moving companies have lists of items that are prohibited. Some of those prohibited items are liquids such as explosives, flammable gases, corrosive materials, and toxic substances. Most of them you will need to carry by yourself. The most convenient option for you would be to dispose of them and not move them at all. Here is a list of some more prohibited items you shouldn’t bring with you:

  • aerosol cans
  • ammonia
  • lighter fluid
  • bleach,
  • cleaning solvents,
  • propane tanks
  • weed killer
  • kerosene
  • pesticides 

Tips on how to safely pack liquids for a move

All the other non-prohibited liquids that you’ve decided to take with you should be packed properly. When packing liquids, you will need different types of packing supplies, boxes, and containers. You should take into consideration moving companies where you can find good moving supplies, for example, Hong Kong movers and packers. Not only for the quality materials but for packing all the items professionally. If you’d prefer to pack yourself, in the part of this article below you can find some tips for how to pack liquids for moving.

1. Gathering the supplies

You’ll need to find supplies such as plastic bags, wraps, tapes, and labels. Don’t forget the labels so that your movers can know how to pack your boxes in the moving truck.

Aerosol cans in a suitcase
Almost every moving company has a list of prohibited items you shouldn’t pack

2. Check if your bottles are broken

To safely pack liquids for a move, always check if any of your bottles are broken or damaged. Discard or replace all damaged bottles. Consider contacting Kwun Tong Storage if you own some liquid items you would like saved.

3. Make sure to seal liquids with plastic wrap

Always wrap the top part of the bottle with plastic wrap before you screw on the cap. And then put your liquid item in a plastic bag. Another thing that can help you not worry about your liquids is to place buffers. This is especially handy if you are moving long-distance. For more information about packing for a longer move, you can visit this guide on moving from Hong Kong to Canada.

We hope that you will be able to successfully relocate and settle down quickly in your new home. If you’d rather have someone else safely pack liquids for a move and handle your stuff, you can always count on us!


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