How to spend February in Hong Kong?

The long January is finally over. While winter is still going strong, the weather seems a little bit warmer. Also, relocating to Hong Kong in February is a good choice as there won’t be many people this time of the year in the city. Additionally, you can easily find a good moving company as winter is the off-peak season for movers. Don’t let cold weather mislead you into thinking there won’t be anything to do in Hong Kong. Chinese New Year is in February and many events will be held for celebration. Additionally, there is always something happening in Hong Kong like shows, art exhibitions, plays, etc. One thing is sure and that is you won’t have to spend your free time stuck in your apartment. For this reason, here are a few ways to spend February in Hong Kong.  

How you can spend February in Hong Kong after your relocation?  

Planning a move is not the most enjoyable activity. It can be pretty stressful and hard, especially if you don’t hire ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. For this reason, you need to find ways to relax and enjoy your new life in Hong Kong after relocation. Also, you couldn’t have picked a better time for moving to Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is a popular touristic place, so there will be many attractions to see and visit. However, many tourists can ruin the excitement when visiting a certain place. Luckily, there aren’t usually that many tourists at this time of the year. It might get crowded during Chinese New Year. But, that only creates a better atmosphere for celebration. Some of the ways to spend time in Hong Kong are following:  

  • Loewe x Spirited Away pop-up  
  • Langham Place  
  • Chinese New Year Night Parade  
  • Spring Lantern Festivals  
  • Hong Kong Arts Festival  
skyline at night
There are many ways to spend February in Hong Kong

If you are a fan of anime, you are in for a treat  

Everyone knows that apartments in Hong Kong are notoriously very small. So, until you settle down and learn how to live comfortably in a small apartment in Hong Kong, you will probably spend time more outside. Luckily, there are many things to do and see at this time of the year in Hong Kong. If you are a big fan of anime, you should go to gateway Arcade’s atrium in Harbour City to see Loewe x Spirited Away pop-up. This pop-up store will be available until February 6. Also, there will be a Spirited Away mural where you can take a picture. A very cute event will happen at Langham Place this year. You will take a chance to meet a popular Korean character Muziktiger. There will be a huge Muziktiger figure and many small plushies, gadgets, household products in the shape of the character to buy.  

Many events will be held to celebrate Chinese New Year  

The biggest holiday in February is certainly Chinese New Year. There will be many events held to celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. For this reason, after you have done shipping furniture to Hong Kong, you should head out to see many New Year’s festivals. Usually, there will be a Chinese New Year flower market, fireworks, and a night parade. However, this year some events might be canceled due to pandemics. So, make sure to check the information before your visit. Chinese New Year’s Firework is a sight to behold and experience. It’s an amazing firework show that you can’t see in any other place in the world. Another performance that you can’t miss is a parade. Its most beautiful parade of traditional and modern costumes, dragon dancers, drummers, acrobats, and all this accompanied with a firework.  

Spend February in Hong Kong by releasing fire lanterns at night
Visit many Chinese New Years events

You can’t miss Spring Lantern Festivals  

At the end of the two-weeks Chinese New Year’s celebration, there will be very much anticipated Spring Lantern Festivals. The festivals originated many years ago during the Han dynasty. It’s always happens on the first full moon of the year. There will be many lanterns in different shapes and sizes that have different meanings. Also, people release red lanterns every year for good luck and in honor of saying goodbye to the past and welcoming a future full of luck and prosperity. It certainly sounds like something you shouldn’t miss. Additionally, all the lantern carnivals are free for the public. Just walking around the carnival will make you feel good. Additionally, you will be able to take stunning pictures to share with your social media friends.   

Why you should visit Hong Kong Arts Festival?  

The Hong Kong Arts Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. So, there will be many performances by many different artists. The impressive lineup consists of ballet dancers, pianists, orchestras, dancers, singers, etc. If you can’t make it to the live show, you can join the online stream of different performances. The events will happen at different places such as the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre in Central and the Hong Kong Cultural Center in Tsim Sha Tsui. Keep in mind that you will need to get a ticket for this festival and you should get yours in advance. If you thought that there won’t be any big events for Valentine’s Day, you are greatly mistaken. You can declare your love on a huge multimedia screen at the exterior of Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre.  

two ballet dancers
Don’t miss the Hong Kong Arts Festival that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year

There will be many cute festivals and exhibitions held in Hong Kong during February  

One way to spend February in Hong Kong is to go to many events around Hong Kong. You can start with Fat Tiger New Year Playground which will happen until February 15. It’s the cutest 4.5-meter-tall giant Fat Tiger in stretching pose that it’s too adorable to miss. Next, you should visit Lee Gardens which will have a display of animal-like creatures to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. If you are more of a sports fan, you will be pleased to hear that Hong Kong Race Week 2022 will start on February 18th. Additionally, there are many more events and festivals happening during February in Hong Kong. 

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