How to store wooden furniture

One of the important aspects of relocation is often storing. Especially when it comes to storing furniture. However, not everyone knows how to store furniture properly. The bottom line is to keep your furniture protected. That’s why you will take some time to store it correctly. Yet, you don’t have to worry about it. We’ve gathered the best tips to help you protect and store your furniture. The emphasis will be on wooden furniture, as this kind of material requires extra protection while storing. Therefore, keep reading this article to find out how to properly store wooden furniture. You’ll also be able to use these furniture-specific storage tips to store furniture pieces of different materials.

Guide to storing wooden furniture

Before we get down to details, here’s a list of the important steps of storing wooden furniture the right way.

  • Search through all storage options.
  • It’s obligatory to clean every piece of furniture thoroughly.
  • Take apart every piece of furniture.
  • Then, wrap wooden furniture to prepare if for a storage unit in Hong Kong.
  • Raise furniture off the floor, wherever possible.

Explore options to store wooden furniture

The first question is do you keep the furniture for the long term? Or do you plan to sell the furniture to buy a new one any time soon? This question is rather important as putting furniture in storage can be a costly decision. If you plan on moving furniture long-distance before storing it, you should consider getting relocation services in Hong Kong. Also, you should know that the average cost of a storage unit varies. However, in many cases, opting to store wooden furniture is justified especially when you’re in the middle of a relocation.

A woman standing on a window of a storage room
Explore all the options when it comes to storing wooden furniture. Not only the prices but also all the other details

Think about protection

When storing wooden furniture, protection from the elements is crucial. So, consider all of your options before you choose a storage space. A climate-controlled storage unit is maybe the best solution to maintain wooden furniture in storage. Climate will protect your valuable furniture pieces from moisture and changing temperatures. Items such as wooden furniture, instruments, and antiques will do best in this type of unit.

Clean everything thoroughly

The best way to protect wooden furniture in storage is to never put dirty items inside storage. The reason is quite simple. Cleaning will cut down the chance of mold and dust getting onto your furniture pieces. Therefore, when it comes to wooden furniture, use mild soap and water before storing it. Also, use a special wood cleaner to protect the existing finish on the wooden furniture before you store it.

Store wooden furniture properly by taking everything apart first

Before you move wooden furniture from your home, disassemble the furniture. This includes desks, bookshelves, chairs, tables, and many more. There’s no doubt this extra step will eventually make the loading of your moving truck much easier. Also, it will reduce the possibility of breaking or scratching the pieces of furniture before storing them. Finally, after disassembling furniture, put all screws, bolts, and other small items in the labeled baggies. Store them alongside the furniture piece to which it belongs.

Wrap wooden furniture to prepare it for long-term storage

Another important task to do before you store your wooden furniture is to make sure everything is completely covered. Before you put your wooden furniture inside your storage space, use thick plastic sheeting. Put it on the floor to prevent moisture from the floor from seeping into your furniture. Don’t forget this step, especially if you don’t use a climate-controlled space. Also, it’s important to put furniture into your self-storage unit covered. You can use old sheets, blankets, drop cloths, or plastic wrap. The goal is to cover the pieces of wooden furniture and protect them from moisture and dust. On the other hand, make sure not to wrap furniture with thick plastic covers as it will seal in moisture. Eventually, it will create condensation and the wooden furniture would swell. Hence, wrap furniture so that it can breathe by loosely draping the material over each piece of furniture.

A wooden desk with a mirror
It is very important to wrap up wooden furniture before storing it, especially if it has a mirror on it.

Raise wooden furniture off the floor

When it comes to storing wooden furniture, you should always lift it off the floor. Especially if you’re storing it in a unit without climate control. Also, avoid putting furniture pieces directly on the floor. Instead, try using pallets or cinder blocks to raise the furniture off the floor. That will add an extra layer of protection against flooding. Or you can even use a layer of cardboard or a drop cloth. Any protection is better than none, right?

Don’t overload a storage unit with wooden furniture

Logically, if you overload your storage unit, you risk the pieces of wooden furniture to brush up against each other. That could lead to cracks in wooden chairs or tables. Also, avoid stacking things on top of your wood furniture in storage. Therefore, the best way to store wooden furniture is by leaving some extra space. Shoving too much furniture into a storage unit brings a risk of damaging or breaking something. So, we recommend organizing your storage unit in a way that you can access your wooden furniture easily.

Storage units
Finally, don’t overload your storage unit with wooden furniture to prevent possible damage

Before storing wooden furniture, wax for extra protection

As wood furniture is more sensitive, it needs more protection. Therefore, a couple of weeks before you put your wooden furniture into storage, do the following. Apply a layer of wax or furniture polish on all wooden surfaces. Eventually, this extra protection will give you peace of mind.

This was our practical guide on how to store wooden furniture. We hope it was of great help in organizing your pieces of furniture for storing.

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