How to throw a moving farewell party

Moving to another state, city or even a neighborhood is a big change for everyone, and many things about your life are about to change. So, the natural thing would be to celebrate your new beginning. And what can be better than having your friends and family over for a party before you leave? It is easy to throw a moving farewell party when you get the best ideas. Once you are done, you can hire the best moving company for your move, and have a great moving day. It is not hard if you have a solid plan. Start in time and you will have a great move without any trouble.

Why should you throw a moving farewell party

Moving is one of the events in your life that could actually lead to losing some friends. You don’t see each other as much, and eventually, you stop hearing from each other. But, this is not the worst thing that can happen, and it can easily be avoided. That is why a party is a great idea! You can invite all your friends and family members and have a great time. You can make sure you get all the addresses and phone numbers and that way you can talk to anyone if you need to. You can even make is an annual day for hanging out with everyone. Once you know that you will stay in touch, you can hire the best international moving company Hong Kong offers and have a great move. You will have a great time as well and that is always a plus!

a party
You will have a great time and your guests will too

How do you throw a moving farewell party?

Making sure that your friends have a great time at your goodbye party is easy if you know what you have to do. So, you have to do everything that you can to ensure you do as well. So, you will have to take care of everything if you want to throw a great goodbye party.

Find a theme

Do you want to have a great goodbye party? Choose a theme! Decorate the interior and you will have a great time. Once you are done, you can get a storage service in Kwun Tong storage and store your belongings, including these decorations. You can then use them later on and have nothing to worry about.

There are many different themes to choose from, like- under the sea, the jungle, costume party, or anything else you can think of. And the great thing is- you can easily find decorations for every kind of theme party. You just have to choose the right one.

party theme
Choose a party theme and you will have a great time

Choose a place and time

Since you are throwing a farewell party, it would be logical that you simply choose your home as a place where the party will happen. So, you should do that unless you want to invite many people and your home is not big enough. In this case, you can find another solution, like a restaurant or someplace else. Once you found the right pace, you should choose the right time. Depending on your age and the age of the people you are planning to invite, you can choose any time of the day that is the most suitable. This way, everyone can come and have a great time. Your party will probably be scheduled a few days before the move itself, and that is a great choice.

Make a guest list

You have to make a guest list before you even start planing anything. Depending on it, you will choose everything else. So, put the names down and stick to it. If there are too many people for one party, you can make separate parties for friends and family. If you know someone that lived in the city you are moving to, you should invite them too and ask about everything you want to know. If the city is abroad, you can learn about the culture as well. You have to make invitations, and you should send them out as soon as possible. This way, everyone can save the date.

Prepare some games, music and a speech

If you want to make a memorable party, you should make sure you think about what games you can play while there. This way, your party will be fun and exciting for everyone. Another important thing is to choose the right music. Make a playlist so you are prepared when the day arrives. Your guests will expect you to make a speech as well, so make sure you do, so you don’t disappoint them.

Make sure you have a speech prepared

Keep in touch

This is pretty much the point of making a farewell party. You want to make sure that your guests have your new contact information like your new address and a phone number. That is what matters the most- that you are certain that you can stay in touch for the years to come. If you lose touch with some of them, that is ok too, it’s not the end of the world.

You are starting a new life, and starting it with a party is the best!

Making sure that your new life is great is easy if you start it with a party! And if you choose to do it, do it in such a way so everyone remembers it for a long time. You will love your new home and your new city, but whenever you start missing the old one, you will have your friends and family to call or text. That is why you want to throw a moving farewell party, and have the best time while there. That is, after all, what your friends and family will remember the best.

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