How to tip movers in Hong Kong

When you need to move, you hire a moving crew, it is the way things work when moving. If you are relocating to Hong Kong from far away, you will need professionals by your side. You already pay them but then they come by your house, polite and knowledgeable, and are doing a great job. You may then want to tip movers in Hong Kong after such a service. But should you do it and how much? This article is going to shed some light on the matter.

Should you tip your movers in Hong Kong?

The people that are coming to your house and lifting and loading your items are considered a part of the service. However, they are also human beings that are working really hard to earn their paycheck. Few other industries have their workers working so hard. Therefore, tipping is something that we highly recommend. Regardless of whether you buying them lunch, or treating them in some other way, or giving them some cash at the end of the day, you will make them happy. And that is all there is to it, really. If you are happy, make them happy as well.

The moving crew will pack and relocate all your valuable items efficiently

What does tipping movers mean?

Tipping your movers means that you think that they did a great job. You are entitled to their service, of course. You have absolutely no obligation to tip them. But if you see that they are handling your items exceptionally well, like they would their own, a tip is in order. It means that you acknowledge their efforts and want to reward them. Here’s the bottom line: if you think that they have performed admirably, give them a tip. Simple as that.

How much do you tip movers in Hong Kong?

This is something that is up to you to decide, to tell the truth. Pay attention to how your crew is handling your items. If they are doing an exceptional job, being attentive, helpful, and professional, you can acknowledge that with a tip. The size of the tip will depend on how good a job you think they are doing and how much they had to go “above and beyond”. Movers usually do not expect any tips, however. But they sure do appreciate one.

Even though you might think that what you are paying is already outrageous, the fact of the matter is that only a small bit of the money spent on a relocation company Hong Kong trickles down to the guys that are lugging your items around. They are not going to be driving Lamborghinis any time soon on that paycheck alone and that is a fact.

Tip your moving crew after the relocation!

Tip movers in Hong Kong – keep the moving crew happy

Again, you are in no obligation to do so but keeping your movers happy can go a long way to making you happy as well. Moving is a hard work and the moving crew can use a boost. You can buy them lunch, which will bring morale up a bit. You may also want to have some drinks on hand, as well. They will need it and will seldom ask for it. But they will appreciate it when given.

Finally, don’t give the entire sum to either the driver or the foreman, even though that is more convenient for you. Give each worker his share to ensure fairness and acknowledge the individual effort.

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