How to transfer utilities when moving

Having to take care of so many things before the move si why people feel so overwhelmed during their relocations. Everything needs to be organized and planned ahead of time in order to have a successful move. However, in this moving chaos, most people forget to take care of some basic things, such as transferring the utilities. This might sound weird to you, but it’s true. And, not taking care of utilities before the move can lead to you spending more than you have planned. But, now that you’re reading our guide we know for sure that you won’t forget to transfer utilities when moving! Keep reading to learn what you’ll need for their transfer and how to do this with ease.

Get organized for the upcoming relocation

Whether you’re moving a home or an office, it’s necessary to organize it well. Trust us, you’ll want to write down all of the things you’ll have to take care of pre-move and post-move. Once the moving stress kicks in you’ll realize how forgetful one can be. However, if you have a moving schedule, checklist, and a plan, your relocation will be as smooth as possible.

Apart from this, it’s necessary to learn the difference between a local and long-distance relocation in order to plan your moving budget the right way. Next, you’ll want to hire a reliable moving company in advance, gather packing materials, inform the people you’ll be moving. And lastly, you’ll need to transfer utilities. But hey, don’t let this amount of tasks worry you. With our help, you’ll be able to take care of everything with ease!

Man writing how to transfer utilities when moving
It’s necessary to inform yourself about the relocation process in order to organize it seamlessly.

Plan transferring utilities ahead of time

As you can see, organizing the move takes time. Therefore, if you’re moving, now is not the time to be lazy. Start organizing it ahead of time! If you need to find reliable furniture movers Hong Kong, do this in advance, especially if your moving date is during the busy season. Hiring movers is not the only thing you’ll need to do ahead of time. Planning the transfer of utilities also needs to be done in advance! But why is doing this so important?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Early planners will transfer their utilities on time, while others won’t. In addition to this, if you transfer utilities when moving on time, you’ll save some money. There’s nothing worse than having to pay the bills for both your old and new home! Therefore, don’t spend more than it’s necessary and instead plan the whole thing in advance. As soon as you choose your moving date, plan to start the transfer process two to four weeks before that date.

Make the list of utilities

Before you move, it’s necessary to familiarize yourself with all the utility you’re currently using. It’s like familiarizing yourself with all of the packing supplies Hong Kong you’re going to need for a smooth relocation. So what do exactly utilities include? In most cases, utilities include the cable and the Internet, but also water, gas, electricity, satellite, trash, security system and phone. Not all of us use the same utilities so you’ll want to write down all of your service providers. They can be hard to keep track of and that’s why its necessary to write them down. Make sure to write next to each service provider a phone number or their mail in order to contact them later.

Contact your property management company or agent

As soon as you gather the necessary information, you should get in touch with your utility service providers. Part of knowing how to transfer your utilities is knowing which service providers will be available in your new surroundings. You need to know that many providers are available only in certain towns or counties, so you should search for utility providers near your area online. This way, you’ll be sure whether you can transfer utilities when moving or not. Therefore, don’t avoid this step at any cost!

A black iPhone.
Contact utility service providers to find out whether you’ll be able to transfer them or not.

Have your documents ready to transfer your utilities

Unfortunately, the process of transferring utilities includes doing some paperwork. But don’t start to despair just yet. In order to help you with every aspect of your relocation and utility transfer, we have prepared a list of the documents you’re going to need for the transfer. Gather everything from this list before you contact your service providers! So, which documents you’re going to need in order to transfer your utilities successfully?

  • The proof of identity – a valid driver’s license or passport, state-issued photo ID, etc
  • The proof of residence at your new address – the lease or rental agreement, proof of homeownership, etc
  • Direct debit authorization form
  • Other documents that differ from country to country

The documents that are listed above should be your general guideline. It’s necessary to point out that each country or state has different requirements. It’s the same as when you have to change your address and gather the necessary documentation.

Confirm the transfer of utilities

Man signing a contract.
Inform yourself about the documents you’re going to need before the time for transferring utilities comes.

Last but not least is for you to call each service provider a few days before your move. You’ll need to confirm that they have you all set up and ready to go. Double-checking everything is one of the ways to make sure that your relocation is going according to plan! As soon as you confirm that everything is okay, you can proceed to other relocation tasks. But relax, you have taken care of one of the most important pre-move tasks – transferring utilities!

As you can see, our tips can help you transfer utilities when moving with no problems along the way. Make sure to study our guide, write the important things, and start planing the transfer process. In case you have some suggestions on how to make this task even easier, feel free to comment and let us know!

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