Interstate moving and storage guide

Moving abroad is a very challenging task. Compared to moving locally, interstate relocation is much harder. There will be so much more planning and organization involved. It can often be overwhelming and very stressful. Especially if you are moving so far away, for instance, if you’re moving to the UK from Hong Kong. But, you can minimize that by assigning the hardest tasks to move experts. Yet, there were still be things left for you to take care of by yourself. That’s why we’ve made an interstate moving and storage guide. It will surely help to keep you on track and don’t forget anything.

First, make an interstate moving and storage checklist

When creating an interstate moving checklist, you can use many free templates that you can download from the internet. But if you wish to make that checklist yourself, you can use programs with the spreadsheets. For example, simple Word programs will be sufficient to create a checklist, especially Word Excel. On the other hand, if you aren’t a fan of modern technology, there are other ways. You can make your interstate moving and storage checklist on paper. In that case, a notebook and a pen will be everything you need. You won’t need anything else, not even if you have a complicated task such as finding storage in Hong Kong.

What does making a checklist mean?

No matter which options you choose, electronic or paper, your checklist needs to meet several criteria. First, the checklist needs to be made in the way that best suits your needs, that’s for sure. Then, you have to create it so it is concise and legible. So, the best way is to create titles for every section. Also, make a list of the tasks that need to be done for that particular category. However, keep in mind that creating an interstate moving checklist will require time. You need to be focused on it and to think about everything that you need to write down. We suggest you not to rush, but to be thorough and take your time.

What should an interstate moving and storage checklist contain?

Logically, your interstate checklist should contain all the details regarding the moving process. So, your checklist should contain the following.

  • A budget plan.
  • A list of relevant information concerning the moving company you plan to hire.
  • A list of all the important moving dates.
  • A package plan.
  • All the necessary documentation for your interstate relocation.
  • A list of packaging supplies.
  • A moving day checklist.
a person making a plan on the computer
Organization is the key to a successful interstate moving and storage project.

Steps to making a checklist

Begin your interstate moving and storage checklist with a budget plan

One of the most important things is to make a budget plan for your interstate relocation. You need to put in writing the approximate cost of your relocation. After you determine your budget, you’ll know how much money you can delegate to each part of the process. You can use a moving calculator to make a detailed moving budget plan, even for an interstate move. Then, incorporate it into the interstate moving checklist as the first category on the list.

a house model on a calculator
One of the most important aspects of your interstate moving and storage checklist is your budget.

Then, put the information about moving company on the list

There’s no doubt that the transport of your belongings abroad will be the biggest cost of your interstate moving. For long-distance relocations, maybe hiring the professionals will be the best and the cheapest option. So, after you determine your moving budget, start searching for a reliable moving company. Make it a priority because the more you wait, the bigger the chances that the best ones will be taken.

How to pick the right movers for your interstate relocation?

When searching for movers, make sure that they have proper licenses, insurance coverage, and good references. We suggest you select at least three different moving companies and ask them to do an in-sight estimation. If hiring a moving company fits your budget, write down information about the company into your interstate checklist. Incorporate the estimation, address and phone numbers, their rates, and prices of additional services. In one word, including all the things that you agreed to when signing the contract with the movers.

Incorporate a list of all the important moving dates

Writing down all the moving dates and making a schedule will help you stay organized. Because moving to another state will require remembering many dates, and there’s no need to remember all of them. So, write down the date and the time when you’ll pack your household. Then, if you’ve listed the services of the packing company, write down the day when the packers will arrive. The most important date is the date when the movers are coming to load your things, so mark it. Then, the next one is the date of your moving day that can overlap with the day the movers come. Finally, write down the day and time when your belongings should arrive at your new home.

There is no need to remember all the moving-related dates. Note them in your interstate moving and storage checklist.

How to manage storage options when you’re moving interstate?

Alongside the relocation of your belongings, you need to handle the storage issue, as well. You should consider many storage options. For instance, if you have a lot of belongings, interstate removalists can collect all your belongings from your home. Then, they will hold them in secure storage until you’re ready for them to be delivered to your new home. Also, you can choose to use self-storage services where you can access the storage yourself. These kinds of facilities usually have rooms, lockers, or containers. That way, you can store your goods inside and keep them safe. When it comes to storage time, some places have no limits on how long you can store your belongings. Whereas the others have restrictions on storage time. Nevertheless, the more time you need to store your belongings, the more money it will cost. Keep that in mind when moving interstate.

The sum up

After you make a proper interstate moving and storage checklist, you’ll be ready for your interstate relocation. We wish you the best of luck and a stress-free relocation.

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