Is your car ready for shipping?

Moving to a different state or town is never easy. Not only do you have to organize the transportation of your belongings, but also you have to make other arrangements. For instance, if you want to skip the drive, you have to organize car transport. However, you have to be familiar with all the details regarding this topic. The bottom line is to properly prepare your car for shipping. Therefore, we’ve made a useful guide for you to check is your car ready for shipping. That way, you’ll be able to once again go through the guidelines of secure shipment.

How to check is your car ready for shipping?

Preparing your vehicle for shipping is more complicated than just arranging for pickup by the car shipping HK company. It takes some steps to ensure your car arrives intact at your new home.

Gather your vehicle’s documents to get your car ready for shipping

One of the things you need to do to prepare your car for transport is to prepare documents. Because every auto transporter will want proof that the vehicle is actually yours. So, to prevent shipment delays, prepare the following paperwork.

  • Information about vehicle registration.
  • Proof of car insurance.
  • A contract of purchase or any other proof that you own the vehicle.
  • Driver’s license or passport, or any other unexpired document for identification.

Prepare your car for shipping by washing it inside and out

Maybe it sounds illogical at first, but washing your car before shipping is very important. Getting your car cleaned up will allow you to see existing dust and scratches that are already on your car. Also, it will help you catch any new damage that may occur during the car shipping. While washing the car out is crucial, don’t forget to clean the car interior as well. Begin with wiping down surfaces. Then, clear out clutter and your car is ready for shipping. While you’re at it, you can declutter your home, as well.

A bucket of water in front of a car
Washing your car inside and out is obligatory before you ship your vehicle.

Document any damage on the car

After you clean your car, it’s important to note down any pre-existing damage to the exterior. For instance, document any dents, scratches, discoloration, and paint chips. However, if you pick a reputable international moving company Hong Kong, there’s no reason to worry. It’s unlikely your car will be damaged in any way if you make the right choice regarding the shipping company. Yet, it is always wise to take pictures of your car and document current damage for your records. Then, when your car arrives, it will be easier for you to fill out the condition report. Also, you will have proof of your claim if the car shipping company doesn’t accept responsibility for the damage made in transit.

What to check to make sure your car is ready for shipping?

If you are shipping an inoperable car, note that fact when you contact the car shipping company. On the other hand, for cars in working condition, you have to check some maintenance issues.

  • Before shipping, check your car for leaks and mechanical issues. In case there is a leak, repair it before someone picks up your car.
  • Check the tire pressure. They should be properly inflated on the shipment date to avoid car damage. The tires shouldn’t be overinflated nor underinflated.
  • If your car has a battery, check if it is fully charged.
  • Top off your vehicle’s fluids such as oil, brake, power steering, and washer.
  • Finally, note down your car’s mileage at pickup and delivery.

More steps to get your car ready for transport

Remove personal items

The items inside your car won’t be insured against damage or theft. So, transportation companies can get a fine for moving your personal belongings in your car. To prepare your car for shipping, remove any personal items from the vehicle. For instance, water bottles, charging cables, sunglasses, insurance information or personally identifying paperwork. However, if you insist on leaving personal items in your car, take some measures. Make sure they load them in the trunk to keep them out of sight and sun. Also, remove any parking passes or toll tags. However, don’t remove just everything. Keep your emergency kit, spare tire, jack, and license plate in the vehicle. Just in case something goes wrong during shipping.

Empty your gas tank before shipping your car

As your car will be transported on a car carrier, it is unnecessary to fill up your tank before shipping. Furthermore, extra gas means extra weight for your vehicle and carrier. Logically, that can add to your shipping cost. Instead, consider leaving your gas tank just a quarter full. It will be enough fuel to drive it on and off the transport truck.

Remove outside accessories

During car shipping your car’s exterior may get easily damaged. Therefore, protect your car and any expensive accessories. Remove or secure them before your car shipment. Remove ski and bike racks, rooftop boxes, and luggage racks. Also, consider removing retractable antennas and custom spoilers.

Lock the car before shipping, but leave the keys

If your car is in working order, you will need to drive it onto the auto transporter. Also, lock the vehicle before shipping. That will provide extra insurance against possible theft. However, your auto transport drivers might need keys to your car in case it has to be moved or driven. Therefore, leave a spare set of keys. Do not give the auto transport driver your only set of keys for all the obvious reasons.

Car keys on a desk
Before shipping your car, keep the original set of keys for yourself.

Sign the bill of lading before shipping your car

The auto transport driver will call you before arrival to ensure the vehicle is ready to go. Then, when the drivers arrive, you must be present for the vehicle inspection and signing the bill of lading. This legal contract between you and the car shipment company acts as a receipt and legal protection for your shipment. We strongly advise that you read the contract before signing and sending your car. The bill of lading contains information about where your vehicle is going from and to. It also explains the condition of your vehicle at pick up and any mechanical or special issues with your car.

A person signing a contract
Finally, read the bill of lading before signing it and shipping your car.

Is your car ready for shipping?

After you’ve become familiar with the regulations, you can answer the question- is your car ready for shipping? We hope you are all set and ready to enjoy your new home with your car safely parked in the garage.

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