Items better off in storage when selling a home

All potential home sellers should know that today’s competitive real estate market requires effort. Want to sell your Hong Kong home for the asking price? You’ll need to stage your home for sale. Undeniably, sellers who stage their homes are more likely to sell the property quickly than others who don’t. Although it can take a lot of time, you’ll make it smooth with a bit of preparation and the proper steps. Forget about the misconception that staging a home has to include buying expensive furniture and hiring experts to handle it. Our experts from a moving company Hong Kong, apart from excellent moving services, have the advice on this topic. Well, you will need to keep in mind those items better off in storage during the home-selling process. Let’s help you sort out your items and get them out of your home for sale. Together we’ll enjoy the process!

Identify all those items better off in storage while your potential buyers are coming

Every home that contains too much clutter doesn’t look nice. Moreover, it makes visitors as well as hosts feel nervous and less productive. And if you are already thinking about hiring our local movers Hong Kong for your upcoming move, don’t forget to reduce the clutter once you move out some of your items. Unluckily, the job is not done at the moment your local movers leave your current home and transport your belongings. So, instead of the rush, take time to make a thorough plan and know which items you should pack and remove before inviting potential homebuyers. So, further, we’ll remind you of common categories of items you should put aside until you find potential buyers for your property.

A messy house with items better off in storage.
Every home contains items better off in storage when the time for sale comes.

Groups of items better off in storage

In case you are moving to another city or area but your new home is not ready yet for moving in, you should consider placing your items in storage. Renting a storage unit in our Kwun Tong storage allows you to place in storage anything you want to. Not sure which items are better off in storage? Start with one thing in mind- to eliminate all unnecessary clutter. Once you start work on this, you will notice the following items (and the groups of items) are better off in storage before any home-buyers visit:

  • Old clothes, extra shoes, and extra bedding and linens, old towels– it is time to move them from the drawers so your potential buyers would not see the clutter;
  • Toiletries and cleaning supplies– removing them will promote greater space and cleanliness;
  • Personal souvenirs and photos;
  • Toys;
  • Kitchen accessories and old appliances– storing these items will significantly improve the perception of space;
  • Any unnecessary furniture;
  • Old rugs, broken light fixtures, extra decoration;
  • Gardening tools.

Take advantage of the storage at your disposal

If you take a look at mentioned groups of items and realize you have an excess of items in every one of them, start preparing your items for storage. Don’t let anything make you change your mind, there is always a solution. Even if your new home is still renovating, you can opt for our short term storage Hong Kong and place the excess of your items there. Since you want to emphasize your property’s size, appeal, and decor, firstly get enough room for this endeavor. So, we suggest you first pack and prepare to move and store the largest items from your home. Don’t want to keep your old furniture in the home when buyers come? Then clean it, wrap and prepare it for transport to the storage facility. As less furniture your keep, as spacious your home for sale will look.

A couple covering a chair.
It is time to move the excess of your furniture and get more space in the home for sale.

Although bulky furniture takes up a lot of space, there are also many other items that make your home looks smaller. In case you own too many kitchen appliances and most of them are old, it is better to get them off your home and place them in storage. If it is about your kitchen, try to have an uninterrupted work surface with only a few items. This will make your kitchen become more appealing and tidier and your potential buyers will like it. So, get help from our furniture movers Hong Kong and store your furniture. Then start moving aside your appliances. Once you get the excess furniture and appliances off the home, you will get more spacious rooms ideal for further staging steps. What a relief, right?

Declutter your closets and keep only essentials

For most buyers, it is important how much storage space is there in their new closet. Most home buyers often judge a home’s appeal also by the size and availability of closet space. In addition, this includes your linen closet, too. So, expect buyers might like to snoop and take a look at cupboards and closets. But while they are doing this, they will conclude how tidy the seller is. Unluckily, each one of us keeps in the closet an abundance of clothes we haven’t touched for a long time. Nevertheless, these items make your closet looks cluttered and messy. So, it is time for a thorough purge and sorting out the new and old clothes that you wear or doesn’t.

Two women sorting out clothes
Purge your closets and make them look perfectly arranged.

So, regardless of the size of your closets, removing unneeded clothing and linen will create additional space. All you should do is stick to the essentials and pack them neatly. In case you need any of the items, you can always go to your storage and take them out.

Be ready for a visit

Before you are finally ready to host potential buyers at your home, once again take a look at our list of items better off in storage. Remove family photos, your kid’s toys, and all those rugs that don’t look nice anymore. If the cleaning is done, remove all cleaning supplies. Also, don’t forget to take out your tools. We wish you enjoy home staging and sell your Hong Kong home for the asking price or even above!

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