Job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada

The most common reason for moving to another country would be job opportunities. People have been always moving to another country looking for better jobs and lifestyles. For this reason, this type of move is not anything new to ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong. However, moving internationally is hard, not only physically but emotionally too. If your family is not coming with you, it can be very hard to leave them behind. But, just think that you will be reunited again in much better conditions. For this reason, if your desired country is Canada, here is the list of job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada.

What kind of job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada?

Canada has always been known as a great country for living. Additionally, everyone from a doctor to a waiter can find a job there. It’s not very hard to find a job in Canada if you have a college degree or working experience in a certain field. However, you should be prepared to face a lot of competition for a job as many people are moving with an international moving company in Hong Kong for the same reason. When you are searching for a job in Canada, you should do the following.

  • File for a work visa
  • Find a job
  • Language proficiency

What are the most sought-after jobs in Canada?

Canada is a very large country. For this reason, the job opportunities will differ according to the province. So, if you want to have a higher chance of finding a job very fast, you should focus your search on provinces that have more jobs available. For this reason, if you can choose the province when you are moving to Canada from Hong Kong, you should choose Quebec or British Columbia. The most popular jobs are sales associate, driver, receptionist, welder, general laborers, web developer, etc.

driver is one of the Job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada
Job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada includes being a professional driver

Job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada or before

It is always a dilemma if you need to find a job before moving to Canada or you can find it after your relocation. Well, there is no simple answer as both cases are possible. If you are moving with a toddler abroad, then finding a job before relocation might be a better option. This way, you are going for a sure deal. However, it’s also possible to come to Canada first and then look for a job.

Do Hong Kong residents need a working visa?

Since February of 2021, Canada has launched a new open work permit for Hong Kong residents. This means that highly educated Hong Kong residents will have an opportunity to gain working experience in Canada for three years. You should look for specific requirements and see if you are eligible.

brown passport and tiny airplane
Check if you are eligible for open work permit for Hong Kong residents

Almost everyone can find a job in Canada

There are many job opportunities to expect after moving to Canada. If you have a college diploma, you won’t have much trouble finding a good job. Additionally, jobs that don’t require a college diploma are also very popular, especially drivers, laborers, salesman, etc.

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